If you’ve done any kind of research into SEO then you’ll have undoubtedly seen mention of much lauded authority websites. Such sites are lauded for the provision of high quality content and, if the stories are to believed, they effectively suck in visitors from search engines, blogs, and other industry related websites.

With such incredible benefits the question, then, is how do you become an authority website yourself? The truth is it takes time and effort as well as a raft of useful and accurate information and resources.


Google, and other search engines want to see websites that are heavily laden with quality information. They want to provide their users with access to a list of authority websites so that they find the information they desire. Doing so means promoting those websites that they believe to be authorities on a particular subject area.

Lots of content is essential and fresh content added on a regular basis should be the starting point for your soon-to-be authority site. Add a blog, an article directory, forum, wiki, or any other type of online real estate that enables you to quickly and easily include fresh content. And, if you don’t have the time or the expertise, then consider using a professional content writing service. Your content will not only provide great value to visitors and readers but it will also become a target for other websites and bloggers to link to.


Links are a critical part of any search optimization strategy. To become an authority website, you will need to acquire links from other authority websites that operate within the same industry as your site or sites that offer content that is relevant to your own.

You need to implement an effective and ongoing link building strategy. Certain websites, such as government and education websites naturally carry gravitas in the eyes of the search engines and ethically building links from such sites can prove highly advantageous to your efforts.

Guest blogging, news writing, and press release submissions, if used properly, can help to build a lot of authority for your site. You will need to build links on a regular basis and it can take time to develop a good number of links. Implement your own strategy and consider using an effective link building service to further improve your link profile.


The aim of building an authority website is to develop a responsive community of targeted visitors; readers that will become brand ambassadors rather than just leads or visitors. In doing so, you will encourage those visitors to come back to your site, to click more links, to recommend your website to others, and even to provide links of their own to your website. You do need the assistance of other websites in your industry to reach the goals you’re looking for but once you have an authoritative website it will be easier to develop the kind of leads and revenues that your business or your website demands.

Guest Post By:  Matt Jackson is lead copywriter for EthicalLinkBuilding.co.uk and provides a range of premium link building services including guest blogging. Ethical Link Building strategies were developed to assist any website become an authority in their industry.