The following article is my own speculation based on personal research and rejections, so before you decide to take anything for granted – please be advised: I’m only human. I’ll site the sources for some of the info I have used and you make up your own mind … I’ll start with a statement and then attempt to prove it.

Google Sandbox has direct impact on your blog monetization efforts.

Have YOUR blog been rejected from some of the major monetization sites, such as,, Then read on, perhaps I will shed some light on as to why …

Google Sandbox is an “alleged filter” placed on your blog or site by search giant that prevents you from ranking as high as you deserve in search results and one of the effects of that filter is luck of Page Rank for your blog. How long your blog will remain in sandbox varies with three to four month being the norm. I will not go into big discussion on this topic and simply recommend you read this article but what is important to me in context of this post is time frame: 3 to 4 month! And let me explain why …

My blog, on this day is 2 month and 3 weeks old (not quite the 3 month) and has a Google PR of 0 with predicted future page rank of 5 (that is a guesstimate, based on incoming links), see screenshot below


Technorati rank and number of RSS subscribers continue to grow as well as daily views of my pages and yet, I have been rejected or put in holding state by all 3 sites I have mentioned above. Does it make you wonder why?

While text-link-ads and didn’t even bother to provide any explanations my best clue came from In section 5.3 of their TOS they state:

D. Minimum Blog Age. Blogs must be live for a minimum of 90 days, counted from the date of the Blog’s first post, with at least 20 pre-existing posts prior to registration with the PayPerPost Marketplace. The majority of these posts may not be in a single month and there must not be a gap of more than 30 days between any posts during the 90 day period immediately preceding sign up for registration in the Marketplace.

A-Ha! We are getting somewhere! Do you see a correlation between time frame for a generic holding time in Google Sandbox and statement above?

I’m not trying to argue their right to implement these guidelines only wish that other sites provided similar comprehensive guidelines. I think it would be most beneficial to most bloggers to actually know that until your blog got a Page Rank Value, certain age or whatever other guidelines they use for evaluation – you would not be accepted. And it really makes sense, as most advertisers requesting a review or a paid post require a certain minimum PR for blog that does it. So your monetization efforts directly impacted by how long your blog will remain in Google Sandbox or at least that is my personal opinion.

As I’m approaching the 3-month anniversary I guess I will see if my guess is right or wrong. And in mean time I simply work on building backlinks and monetizing my blog via other means. After all, you never want to keep all your eggs in one basket.

Now, just because you have been rejected doesn’t mean that your efforts are wasted as you can use this time to create more quality content, build more backlinks to rank even higher and monetize via other means (AdSense is only one of them). Here are some articles I wrote on these options based on my own personal experience and actions taken:

Monetize your blog:

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Updates and results will be posted here as I have them.