If you’re fairly new to blogging, it can sometimes feel like you’re not getting anywhere with your blog.  You’ve got very little traffic, almost zero interaction, and not much hope it will get any better any time soon.

I started my latest blog roughly around October/November of 2009. (I think!) So around about six months ago.  Today it’s currently a PR 3, with an Alexa ranking of 478,175 and climbing.  In the last six months I’ve had roughly 22,165 visits and 57,129 page views.

Now that is fairly modest in comparison to many more established blogs, but I’m pretty proud of the traction I’ve gained so far and am excited about its continued growth.   And I feel there are a handful of simple things I did that really helped to propel that growth fairly quickly.

1.  Killer unique content. I’m a freelance ghostwriter by trade, and writing is a bit fun for me, so it might be a little easier for me than perhaps others.  But killer unique content is vitally important if you really want your blog to shine, to gain readers and interaction, and please Google.

Experiment with your content, take risks, and see what kind of response you get.  Also, pay attention to post length… it depends on the niche, but sometimes longer posts are more suitable and sometimes shorter posts.  Sometimes a nice blend is preferred by your target market.

2.  Take advantage of social media. I’m fortunate in that I have quite a large Twitter following that I make a point to interact with regularly.  So when I post something new, I automatically Tweet about it, sometimes several times throughout the first day and the next.

I also pull my content directly to my Facebook FanPage, as well as often post new content to my wall for my other FB friends.  If you cultivate those relationships, you’ll find your content gets ReTweeted and shared if it’s good… which means more eyes and traffic for you.

3. Schedule your own ReTweets. I primarily use Su.Pr to schedule these.  I do an initial Retweet, and then I schedule a few more throughout the day and into the next day.  I also make sure that if it’s a really good post (IMO) to Stumble it through the Su.Pr interface as well.

I firmly believe this has been a really large part in my blog gaining more traction.  I also schedule a few ReTweets here and there using Hootsuite as well.  Just be sure to mix it up and make the times a bit random.  ReTweeting the same stuff at the same times every day won’t win you any favors with your followers.

4. Post frequently and on a schedule if possible. The most successful blogs usually post every day and sometimes several times a day.  However that’s not always possible for some, so just simply choosing to post on a regular weekly schedule, such as 1-3 times a week could work equally as well for your blog.

I’d recommend starting off with posting at least 5 days a week to start, and then if you want to taper off as you gain a readership, you can.  I’d also recommend that if you only post 1-3 times per week, really make those posts quality with a lot of shine and sparkle, as well as slightly longer than the typical 500 word article.

5. Finally? Guest post. This is actually only my third guest post, my first was on ProBlogger and the second on a paid forum, but I’ve seen a huge increase in readership, interaction, and traffic just from those two things.

So I’ve decided to make guest posting a regular part of my schedule for awhile, and this makes my third.  Guest posting can be a huge benefit to your own blog’s traffic and readership, and it’s a win-win because you get to give the blog owner you are guest posting for a nice day off from posting themselves.  Not to mention you are building a quality relationship with a fellow blog owner, which is an excellent way to network in my book.

There you have it!  5 simple ways you can improve your blog and it’s traction on the web, and see a marked increase in your traffic and readership.  It might not be a perfect strategy, and it does involve work on your part, but it’s working well for me and could potentially work well for you too.  Now get to blogging!

Cori is a freelance ‘ghost’(as in writer/blogger) and the creative brains and dubious brawn behind her own blog Big Girl Branding. She’d also like to note that ‘big’ does not mean what you think it means. It was meant to indicate being a grown up.  Sigh… Of course you probably didn’t get that, and it totally loses its effect when she has to explain it. So I guess she’ll just have to put on her ‘big girl’ panties and deal with it. She’ll feel better about the whole misunderstanding though if you stop by and say hi.