Ever ask yourself a question – Why I Don’t Get Much Traffic From Google?

This post is not to make an example out of anyone but rather help the person, who commented on my blog and in process I have discovered the issue. It is also designed to help you to ensure you don’t have similar problem as it will cost you dearly in terms of Traffic You Will Never Get!

In fact I want to share the link love with person, whose blog will be used as example to compensate for the publicity – CICILIA WIDHIANA PUTRI WIJAYA.

I have used her chosen keywords as anchor tag to hopefully help her benefit from it. Her blog looks pretty nice and I’m sure does all the things she wants it to do and this is not what I’m about to discuss here. I want to point out ONE GLARING problem with her blog that will pretty much ensure she will not get much in terms of traffic from Google.

See the image below and tell me if you find any issues…


This is the result of search For All pages from her site, and couple things I have highlighted:

  1. At the time of the search she has about 21 pages indexed in Google. I have highlighted them in yellow
  2. Each page has exactly same Page Title and Description! I have highlighted them in Green.

Bad thing about this is that she probably doesn’t even realize it! Even if she manages to score well for one of her chosen keywords, unless it is part of the Title, URL or Description – her chances to get the click greatly reduced!

How Do You Fix It?

While it can be done via code changes, etc – the easiest way is to use one of the WordPress plugins that can help you control meta Information of each post and page, even if you forget to add it!

  • All In One SEO – a plugin great many WordPress bloggers use and one used on this blog and very well supported by developer.
  • WordPress SEO Master – a new comer to the scene it acts like a Swiss army knife for WordPress SEO and has great many options!

I personally use All In One SEO and that is what I’ll base my fix on.

What you see highlighted in Green are Meta Title and Meta Description that can be quite easily defined as you create your posts or pages or simply allow the plugin do it on autopilot, although I recommend you make an effort to create Google Meta information for your blog posts because that is what displayed by Search Engines! Make your meta information stand out like an AD FOR YOUR BLOG POST!

See how I have done it for this post using options provided by All In One SEO plugin:


Once again, Meta Title and Meta Description are highlighted by Green. I also made sure to highlight one important factor – Number of characters. Google can only display so many on their Search Results Page and it pays to conform to their standard. According to Stomping The Search Engines 2 if your description displayed with “…” indicator – it gets less clicks!

A simple change that can mean more traffic for you!

And as result – each page of your blog will get its own page title and description to help you score better in Search results and get you well deserved traffic!