Or rather – why you should watch what Google does in 2009!


I think that understanding the moves Google already made and continues to make is going to be very important to Niche bloggers in order to grab more traffic and better positioning in search results.

While obviously what I talk about here is not intended to resemble “bird watching” in any shape or form – I still want to outline some trends that are important…

And first in that line up of trends is a fact that Google managed to increase its Search dominance to seventy something percent last year, according to a report I read few weeks ago. Sorry, don’t have the link or exact number but the ball park is enough to make me want to be a part of the SERP‘s they provide!

Not to mention several other moves by Google in the past…

Lets consider this:

  • In September 2005 Blog Search is introduced and allows you to get information created across multiple blogs. A system to get latest information AS IT HAPPENS as we all know – bloggers report things a lot faster then official news!
  • In October 2006 Google acquired YouTube. Video sharing service which generates more traffic then any other single site that is NOT search engine.
  • In May 2007 Google has purchased FeedBurner. A feed aggregator service many bloggers use and one that provides statistics on access to the feed and perhaps help determine relevance and importance of each feed?
  • Also in May 2007 Google started playing around with Universal Search, which was branded by some as Uber Search, as it provides in SERP’s not only web sites but also video, images, books and local search results.
  • July 2008 seen an introduction of Knol – a unit of knowledge as defined by Google and one you can contribute to. Kind of like wikipedia, which tends to dominate most of the search results.

And I’m no even mentioning here multiple changes to their AdSense and AdWords system and enhancements to Web Master Tools and Google Analytics. Tools that provided for free and allow Google have in place perhaps the most complete information about what happens on the web. They don’t just spider your pages anymore!

Google KNOWS more about your visitors and their Internet Navigation patterns and interests than we will ever know! And they are bent on providing those visitors with relevant information in form of Free Search results and Paid Ads (their revenue).

Seeing how the information comes to Google from multiple directions and yet for the same goal makes me wonder:

  • Do I participate in at least the services I mention above?
  • Do I make sure my proffered keywords lead to my pages from those services?

How about you?

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