Another Google Dance has passed and in a weird turn of events my blog is still left without [tag-tec]Page Rank[/tag-tec]. I find it annoying and quite detrimental to my blog development when Google decide to extend their holding pan “especially” for me.

All the page rank tools I used for prediction show my site as predicted with PR5 but its been there for a while and with over 8k incoming links (according to Google webmaster tools) I would except them to be true … so what gives?

Yeah, I know all about their sand boxes and that time that any new sites remains there can differ from 3 to 6 month just find it rather annoying that my site had to hit the long threshold 🙂

OK, done with the rant and moving into normal work schedule …

Perhaps one of the questions you will have is from this post is just how I managed to get this many incoming links?

I have to warn I don’t use any blackhat techniques and while I probably don’t spend enough time on this very important task that many of bloggers simply don’t even think about there are a few ways you can do it with less effort then many …

Here are some tips:

1. “Link Love” – take full advantage of it. And I’m not talking about simply going to other blogs and commenting. Most people didn’t implement “Do Follow” plugin like I do on my blog and your comment will have no impact on your blog PR. Link out to people with related posts.

2. Blog carnivals. Take full advantage of this awesome resource for the bloggers and submit your best posts to appropriate carnivals. Do a Google search on “blog carnivals” to find where 🙂

3. Semi-manual link exchange. In this case I’m talking about service. Simple to install and allows you to choose which site to exchange links with.

4. Take part in my Reciprocal Review Carousel or start your own. You can see how I did it here.

5. Buy links from relevant content using very specific targeted keywords. Least work intensive and one of the most rewarding options I personally use and recommend.

Combine the techniques above and you will get some links with little work …