It’s not a big secret that properly optimized for Search Engines blog and individual blog posts will lead to generating gobs of free traffic via achieving a better positioning in Search Engine Results. There are so many products and guides on the topic of SEO that the term itself has become overused and what is even more upsetting misrepresented.

Search Engine Optimization for Google is really not that hard but when people try to game the system and then share their results, so called “black hat” seo they create more confusion then needs to be. As search engines, including Google move more and more toward semantic search results – “white hat seo” will always take precedence and win. In this post I want to share 2 video from a Google’s own Matt Cutt’s on proper SEO optimization from WordPress camp in San Francisco earlier this year.

Filmed by John Pozadzides:

Video 1:

Video 2: