About 3 weeks ago you might have been swept by the storm of affiliate promotion for Stomper Net 2. I have intentionally decided Not To Promote Stomper Net at that time. Reasons are many but one of the most important one’s is my personal decision Not To Offer to my customers ANYTHING I haven’t personally reviewed and verified. Not that I didn’t think they will deliver on the promise but rather because My Personal Recommendation has to be based on My Personal Experience!

I stuck to my decision and now I finally was able to finish reviewing Stomper Net 2 and all I can say – click here to get it! …or read for more details.

Does it mean I have decided to contribute to the chorus of the “wow screamers”? No, not really! In my case it simply means that I consider the correlation of price to value EXCEPTIONAL – you only pay shipping and handling! You are auto subscribed to Net Effect magazine that comes with it at $34 per month but you are not charged for the first month trial issue. While it is an excellent magazine 0 you can cancel subscription later – full details provided.

Do You Have To Get Stomper Net 2?

If you are already knowledgeable in the Search Engine Optimization area – you might not have to but why would you say no, when its free? I have to admit that great many things they have shared I already knew, others were a great reminder and some information was completely new! But I don’t consider myself SEO expert even though I hold my own.

Another great benefit of watching the video training (several hours of it) was a sense of personal satisfaction – I didn’t even realized How Much I Knew 😈 . Makes me feel good about sharing the info with my own customers. Turns out I do know a thing or two! And you better believe that when WordPress 2.7 is released and we have to re-work Expert WordPress product videos – many of the new things I have learned will be integrated into it!

You also get the original Stomper Net on DVD but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it (or watch it, not sure which) – believe me you get a LOT of SOLID Search Engine Optimization information and getting through that training is no small task if you taker it seriously!

Which brings me to next point…

Stomper Net 2 Minuses

It is hard to bitch about an excellent product that you get for free but here I come!

Stomper Net 2 provides a LOT of information. And as you watch the video tutorials be prepared to jot down the Sites they reference in videos, resources they mention and any points you think YOU MUST have. I have failed to do so and now I have to go through the entire course and sift to find the links I need, things I probably already forgot and spend additional time on it.

Would be Nice if they provided an Online Page where you can access all referenced sites, resources, etc.

But as it stands right now – be ready to take notes or be like me and do it all over again. Either way you do it – information is worth every minute you will spend watching it. Great resource that will provide you with solid understanding how search engines works and take advantage of it. Which puts you ahead of 99% of your competition.

Click To Get Stomper Net 2 Now