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Top 4 SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2011

This is a guest post written by Jack Harold of Affiliate Home Business.

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the way to go in 2011? Some people find it a waste of time. The general feeling is that it is either too much work or the results take too long to materialize. Is it really worth the time and effort? Well, look at this. Your efforts take a month to show up but your website is able to stay at the top position of the SERPs for the next few months. Is it worth it? You bet!

Google has been doing a lot to improve the search quality. If you have read my article on “Google: Are You Really Serious About Tackling Webspam? I Doubt It!” over at John Chow’s blog, I try to be sore to deny that fact but it is true. Google has been making changes to its search engine almost every single day that hardly anyone will notice it. To keep up with Google’s pace, you certainly need to know what not to do and what has to be done to keep your website ranking high up on the SERPs.

Today, I will just like to emphasize on 4 pointers that you can take away from this article here. 4 top SEO mistakes that you should avoid in 2011.

Ignoring Social Networking

In 2010, we have seen how powerful and how prevalent social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have grown. I can assure you that in 2011, the social media game is going to get even more powerful. Are you sharing your posts or links on social media sites? Are you aware that Google is trying to incorporate real time Tweets into their search results? The power and future in SEO is no doubt social media optimization. It will be a great loss for your website if you are ignoring the social networking altogether.

Go Local or Go Home

If your business mainly caters to local customers, then you will have to get on Google Maps or Google Places. It is a good strategy to focus on your local market first as customers will generally make purchases from local companies. People tend to trust local companies more; at least they feel closer to them. Now that mobile marketing is also getting bigger by the day, you have to be heard on the local market at least.

Ignoring Quality Over Quantity

The topic on content farms was greatly discussed a month ago as discussed in my guest post on John Chow’s blog. Getting out ranked by websites which are apparently content farms is simply annoying and I believe Google will take serious action next to penalize such websites. On our part, we have to ensure that our websites are providing the quality and value that people look out for.

Ignoring Internal Pages

To SEO optimize your blog, it is important that you pay attention to your internal linking within your blog. Getting more links to your internal pages will result in more link juice to that page and in turn, your main domain will get more link juice from its internal pages. One way is by sharing related posts via links at the end of each of your blog posts. For me, I use a simple WordPress plugin called Yet Another Related Post to share related posts. This will then help to improve the internal linking within my blog.

Are there any more that you feel that it is important as well? Share it with us below in the comments section!

Guest Post By: As CEO of Affiliate Home Business, Jack Harold is an experienced Internet marketer and has helped thousands of his students to apply Internet marketing strategies to succeed online. If you will like to know how to make money online, you can grab a free copy of his exclusive “The Rags To Riches Blueprint” at his website, Affiliate Home Business.

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17 Responses to “Top 4 SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2011”

  1. Dennis Edell says:

    I see the importance of social networking, but zi do not see the link from that to SEO?
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  2. Excellent post by Jack!

    In it he mentions possible future changes in the search engines to combat content farms. (And I agree, it is rather frustrating when you see a no-value site like this take yours over in the search engines.) Well, Google recently HAS made some changes to it's algorithm to combat sites such as this.

    Here is a quote from Google's last blog post; "This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on."

    For one, I say it's about time. Auto-blogs and content farms do not provide value and I have found it increasingly difficult to find blogs such as this that provide information I am looking for. Looks like you and Google think alike, Jack! 🙂

    One thing you mention is going local. Now, my site offers services on a global scale, and yet I've been seriously thinking of ways to improve my sites local results as well. Any thoughts on this? I have yet (procrastination anyone?) to create an About Me page, and I can include my local area in that, but are there any other suggestions you may have on making sure that the search engines know where my blog originates from to get better local results?

    Thanks and thank you for the post. Awesome, awesome tips!

    Vincent Parker

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  3. Vince says:

    Linking internal pages is really one of the things that has to be worked out. I myself just began to interlink my posts, which I believe is not only useful for the search engines but for your readers as well.

    However, I doubt that Google will penalize the content farms. Else they will also have to penalize wikipedia,, and all other popular content farms. They still have their place on the web. I just think that they will lower it's relevancy rate, but not totally ignore it since it also adds value.

    Here's a good post in my blog that summarizes the things about optimization:
    factors affecting blog traffic.

    • TheSpotter says:


      Using some form of related posts plugin should help you with internal linking – YARPP is one that works well on this blog. As far as content penalties for content farms – I don't know, I read some reports that they are might be doing some manual adjustments for the more know, such as those you mention but the small operators can definitely be hit hard by this.

    • Brad says:

      Doing things that are useful to your readers will help you in SEO. The point is that anything that makes your site better for your visitors makes it a better site. And anything that makes it a better site, should make it more attractive to the search engines.

  4. Rojish says:

    Thanks for sharing the info Jack. Social media will be key player in the coming years Many companies realize that and that is why they give importance to promote their brand in facebook and twitter.

    Quality should be always preferred over quantity. In the recent algorithm update Google gave a slap to content farms and that is really a good move.
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  5. Jen says:

    Do you think that ignoring nofollow links is also a mistake?
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    • Kevin says:

      Jen, I've also pondered over when or if there will be an upcoming change and/or an SE's algorithmic rectification of 'nofollow' links, and am yet to see the point of penalizing and not following any links for whatever reason. If a person doesn't want to link to a site or allow links in the comment field, then there shouldn't be a link there, period. The old method of incorporating automatic 'nofollow' attributes into blog's comment fields to prevent spam, did nothing but penalize other legitimate commentators. If a person can't maintain their blog, has trouble detecting spam or the inability to moderate their comments effectively, then that is their problem. There is still some debate on whether 'nofollow' links still pass any "link juice" or not – over time, but I'm not qualified to speculate on that one. However, it is very obvious that 'dofollow' links are rewarded/credited/analyzed like all links should be.

      As for the rest of this post, I think that a solid internal linking structure (like what is found on Wikipedia, for example), is one of the best tips on this particular blog entry. Heavy internal linking, in a way, shows that your site is an authority on its subject matter with the internal references/pages/posts to back up the content that is found within the site. However, I think that if you know your content well enough, you can easily deep link throughout your posts without the need for "related links" plugins, etc.

  6. Cherry Rahtu says:

    hI Jack, you definitely point out the most important SEO mistakes. SEO+SMO has become a necessary approach for online marketing this year.

  7. Shannon says:

    I totally agree with the points you make in this post. I tend to link to other posts in my original post instead of using the plugin, but to each his own!
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  8. agesmusic says:

    thanks for this post.. what I found most interesting is that google is incorporating more social networking into their search results. looks like I'm going to have to incpororate more social media into my SEO

  9. Bowmanave says:

    Forget about SEO and other stuff and the bottomline is "Content is KING" and there is no disputing that. As long as your article is high quality and rare, it will always attract visitors and i always put lot of effort on high quality content

  10. John says:

    Yes definitely the social networking is the thing to do at the moment but because everyone is going it i sometimes get lost in all the posts and tweets! And unless your company has someone dedicated to do all tweets and all the other things normal person who runs a business just doesn’t have enough time for that!

  11. The local angle is crucial – as well as Google places etc, try Facebook places, Foursquare, Gowalla – ie register your business on these services

  12. Andrew says:

    Good post, I think a lot of this is pretty straight forward. I think the internal linking part is very important part of seo. Thanks
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  13. I agree with Bowmannave. Content is KING. Good honest content will attract the right buyers. And will reward you accordingly.

    However, I am not totally convinced about the safety and security of Facebook or Twitter for that matter.

    Here is a CNNMoney article about Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg Fan Page Hacked which did not leave a good taste in my mouth.

    Social Networks may have their place. But what is the price you have to pay for using them?

    Let us all carefully consider the matter.