increase-targeted-trafficPeople consider SEO as some illuminate theory which remains a mystery for many. However, SEO journey is a simple process if you follow and implement it wisely. People who succeed with SEO do two things: First, they identify SEO techniques that get them results. Second, they put 100% of their resources into executing and scaling those techniques. But you’re probably wondering: “How do I find SEO strategies that actually work?”. Well here are some best proven strategies which will work well.

  1. Apply all basic on page and off page SEO tips
    On page SEO techniques are always essential for increasing website traffic. All you need is to implement best on page SEO besides of off page SEO to rank your site well. Firstly you need proper on page optimization and then go for off page SEO techniques.On page SEO means the proper methods to follow while optimizing your content like- Title, Meta description, Keyword research, proper header tags, Link structure and so more aspects inside your website or web page.

    Off-Page Optimization consists of things like Link Building, PR, Blog Submission, Email Marketing, Guest Blogging and many more. The basic idea behind this is to drive traffic from other source to your website.

  2. Proper Keyword Research:
    Keyword Research is important factor in On Page optimization. You can choose low competitive keywords which have more monthly searches. The most reliable way to drive instant website traffic and boost search engine ranking is through accurate and extensive keyword and competitive research. Use Google Keyword Planner Tool to research on the topics to find the successful competitors. Most of the times, researching keywords are often rushed because of the pre-conceived notation or ideas. Therefore, it is important to perform the keyword research, taking into consideration all the factors with an open mind.
  3. Content Marketing Plan:
    Your Content must be Unique and fresh! It’s a fact that Adaptive SEO cannot be carried out without effective content marketing plan in fact content is king in search engine optimization. Develop a content that ought to appeal the audience. Creating articles, blogs and press-releases and submitting it to the respective sites is an incredible way to divert traffic to your website. It’s a win-win situation for both website owners and audience.Content marketing is the key work of smarter ways. Now what to do for content marketing? Apply these 3 methods:

    • Create video tutorials and submit it in top video portals like – YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many more.
    • Create Images for free use by the needy peoples and ask for link credit for your work.
    • Same methods apply for creation of large tutorials in the form of info graphics and submit it to top submission sites like “” and many more.

    Good content Marketing strategies has the following advantages:

    • Increase in conversions.
    • Increase in organic traffic to the site.
    • Increase in audience engagement.
    • Increase in brand awareness.
  4. Your Internal Links wisely:
    Your home page probably has the most external links pointing to it, and thereby has the highest PageRank. The pages you link to directly from your home page will probably have second highest, and so on. Your Web site needs to have clear hierarchy and you need to know which pages should be emphasized. Some pages will get PageRank before others, depending on external links and content quality. Use your internal links to distribute PageRank from highly ranked pages to others.Importance of internal linking:

    Help Spiders Crawl Your Site: At some point, search engine spiders stop crawling your site. The higher your PageRank, the deeper they’ll go. By linking to deeper pages within your site from each page, you can help push the spiders to crawl more of your content. A bigger site means more keywords and incoming links, and that means a better search engine rank.

    Lower Your Bounce Rate: Internal links are also useful in decreasing your bounce rate. Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that examines one page and then leaves your Web site. Having adequate internal links will get Web site visitors interested and exploring your content in detail.

  5. Get external links to your website:
    Many top SEOs agree that getting external links is the single most important objective for attaining high rankings. This stems from the idea that external links are one of the hardest metrics to manipulate and thus, one of the best ways for search engines to determine the popularity of a given web page. External links pass “link juice” (ranking power) differently than internal links because the search engines consider them as third-party votes. There are many ways to get External links such as, Social bookmarking, press releases, Social media, Article submission, blog submission, directory submission and many more and also it is better to get links from very good page ranking websites.
  6. Responsiveness:
    Responsiveness of a website is quite critical now, as Google has recently rolled out a new Google algorithm for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and sites with responsiveness will get the higher positions.
  7. Get a link from Wikipedia
    In Wikipedia all external links are nofollow that means links from Wikipedia does not contribute to PageRank. But it will contribute to some authority and relevancy, so its good option to get link form Wikipedia. About dead link so many SEOs are taking the benefit of it. What they do – First they try to find out relevant articles with dead link in Wikipedia than they re-create that dead resource on own site and replace the dead link in Wikipedia with own website link. So it’s good for SEO because at-least you are getting high authority link that help to increase ranking.
  8. Find Niche-Specific Link Building Opportunities Using Flippa:
    Getting a backlink from Niche specific website is recommended for SEO and also Google is putting more and more weight on the niche-relevancy of the links pointing to your site. Well but where can you find link building opportunities that are specific to your niche? The solution for this problem is Flippa is like eBay for websites, and it’s one of the best places on the web to find untapped link building opportunities. Head over to Flippa and click on All –>Categories Find the broad category that fits best with your niche. Look for sites for sale with a PageRank of at least 2. Once you find high Ranking website in Flippa, the owner of that site actually gives a list of places where he landed editorial links.
  9. Steal your competitors back links by auditing them:
    There are literally hundreds of ways you can build backlinks to your website. Each tactic is worthy of its own blog post. One of the best white hat link building strategies is to steal your competitors backlinks, and along with it their rankings and traffic. With some competitive analysis and backlink research you can quickly outrank your competition and optimize your content strategy. Ahrefs is the best tool on the market when it comes to competitor backlink analysis. The free account will give you a ton of backlink based data but you will only be able to view the top 10 backlinks for each URL. But hey, do this 10 times and you already have a 100 potential backlinks to targets.
  10. Update your site regularly
    One final SEO technique you’ll want to implement is to update your site periodically. Because the search engines’ top priority is serving up the results that will best meet their users’ needs, they prefer to share websites that contain the latest, most up-to-date information. In addition, the more content you post to your site, the more keywords your website will include; increasing your odds of generating search engine traffic. The easiest way to make regular updating a part of your SEO strategy is to create a company blog or news section.
  11. Move your website to HTTPS, a secure site:
    The “S” in HTTPS stands for security, and if your URL leads with HTTPS ( instead of HTTP (, then your website is secure. Google wants you to move your site to HTTPS so badly that they are now giving a ranking boost to websites that are secure.
  12. Add schema. Org mark-up to your website: is a type of mark-up that you can put in the code of your website. Using, you can tell Google which picture on your site is your logo, where your reviews are, where your videos are, what type of company you are, where you are located and much more. Google has hinted over the last year that will help your website rank better in Google search.

Seo is no rocket science when correct techniques are utilised with the right resources. These 12 simple techniques when followed in the right way will assure best possible results.

The bottom-line depends on the ability to reach more potential customers, readers and service users, it only makes sense to do everything in your power to enhance that reach.So step up your game and test these strategies and let us know how these strategies faired for you.

If you have tactics, tips, resources, or anything else that is helpful — share them in the comments below!

Ramya Kashyap is CEO of 5ine Web Solutions, Digital Marketing Strategist, Blogger, Passionate in Content Marketing, Brand Junkie