Spammers are actually a good indicator that your blog is becoming popular, that it propagates through Search Engines and number of Spam Comments can be a great indicator of your individual post popularity.

That is assuming you took all the steps to protect yourself from those idiots! I have seen an ever growing number of SPAM comments been killed by my guard – Spam Karma 2 and actually love it! It shows me that I’m reaching people even though alone with normal audience I bring in spam-bots that also locate my pages. But as I more use Spam Karma it kills more and more of spam comments without any need for me to approve or disapprove and I have decided to enable “Do Follow” on my blog!

From now on every comment on my post will get some backlink love after it stays on my blog for more then 3 days – I do want to be able to delete comments, if Spammers manage to get through my defenses 🙂

So, feel free to comment and get some backlink love.