Search Engine Optimization is responcible for nearly half of my effective traffic to this blog and a lot more in a case on Niche blogs, so its importance can never be overlooked. When I first started working on the web I have jumped from place to place until I run into an eBook “SEO Made Easy” by a guy named Brad Callen.

This was a first COMPLETE information I have got on the topic and what got me started doing things right in terms of SEO. Needless to say that once I learned something good from the guy I had to check out what else he has to offer. This is where trust lead into action and I have discovered that Brad was the author behind the great little tool called Keyword Elite that was the best selling keyword research product for a last few years.

You want to know why? Quality!

the-keyword-minuteToday Brad is getting ready to release Version 2 of the Keyword Elite and I have been beta testing it for last few days – outside of Spectacular I don’t know how to describe it. I only wish my beta version included some tutorials 🙂

And while I will provide a full review of the tool later on – right now you can download the brand new report that Brad just released, called “The Keyword Minute” as it contains 3 VERY specific strategies you can start using right now to earn MORE money from the internet based on PROPER keyword research.

Oh, an one more thing – report is obviously FREE!

And no, it is not the case when free is too expensive to spend time on it!

Brad is one of the best when it comes to Keyword Research and his track record is beyond any doubt to me, you can Google his name if you want to.

Report is a knowledge dump of some very specific strategies, not a theoretical idea but something you can use, especially as blogger and I strongly believe that proper keyword research is What Makes Blog Post SEO so successful.

His first strategy although dedicated to “BUM Marketing” is easily applicable to blog post writing! But enough convincing – just grab the free report – 31 page of knowledge I enjoyed consuming and hope you will too!

Let me Know What You Think About It Please!

I need to know if you are interested in a more detailed review of Keyword Elite 2 or Not?