How do you attract more traffic to your blog?

It takes discipline, focus and leverage to succeed with search engine optimization.

If you own a blog, you can’t shy away from organic traffic. It’s true you can generate traffic from several sources. But Google traffic is exceptional!

What if I tell you that organic traffic is consistent, targeted and profitable; would you be delighted to learn how it works?

Unfortunately, most bloggers are lazy. They complain that search engine optimization is difficult, especially now that Panda and Penguin have been released into the search world. However, I believe that Google had core reasons for penalizing over-optimized blogs.

We and Google are partners in business. You need to play your part well, before accusing the almighty “G.”

In line with this SEO insight, here are 3 strategic SEO tips for savvy bloggers. If you’ve decided to build engaged blog, and solve problems, you belong to a group known as “savvy.” Enjoy the tips:

1. What Does SEO Mean To You?

What is SEO?

This question sounds simple but if you can give an honest answer, the journey will be blissful.

Getting to know the meaning of search engine optimization will guide you in the right path. It’s no longer a question of keyword research or content writing – it’s about what you envisage.

And contrary to common misconceptions, search engine optimization is ‘not’ keyword research or exploiting Google’s loophole.

It’s no trick and if you decide to enter through the backdoor, there may be Penguin and Panda waiting to slap you.

Search engine optimization simply means offering the best solutions to your target audience. People use search engines to conduct searches daily, because they have needs that require urgent attentions.

Your ability to communicate effectively is the key to ranking highly.

2. It’s About Copywriting

A lot of people are unable to drive organic traffic from Google because they’ve neglected copywriting. See, you don’t have to be a copywriter to apply the concepts and profit.

Your duty is to learn how the right keywords and phrases can be placed at the right spot in your content.

That’s what copywriting is for. For those of us who don’t have basic knowledge about copywriting, it’s a topic or career that communicates answers, solutions and benefits to your audience.

As people search for specific information, your content pages would show up because it’s relevant to the searched term.

Copywriting begins with a catchy and benefit-driven headline. Copywriters have learned to capture attention and hook readers and buyers until they buy a product.

In optimizing for web users, the headline is the key angle. Study good headlines to learn the strategies used and apply them to yours.

3. Get People To Talk

The greatest search engine optimization strategy is to engage audience. Google spider is a piece of script that doesn’t see or breathe. Basically, it follows people who read posts, articles and all manners of contents online. Whatever decision or step they take would determine what Google will do.

It’s unfortunate that a lot of people stuff keywords in a bid to outrank competing pages and generate avalanche of targeted traffic – are you involved?

If you must do anything with the articles you write, make it a duty to communicate value – answer questions that people are asking.

Every post you write must be unique. Don’t try to impress anyone. Write to express your opinions and be firm about it. Google have trust for authority sites and they’re looking for more professional sites to rely on.

Once your blog post is live, send out pings and notify others at blog communities.

There would be a surge in social shares: tweets, likes, Google+ and pins. These activities are communication-lines in the eyes of spider. And when people talks Google will talk back, by sending free targeted traffic to your blog.

When no one reads and comments or share blog post, it shows you’ve been bragging, instead of blogging. Blogging is all about solving problems.

It’s about creating the aura of satisfaction for target audience.

SEO Hack: Take This Home

Search engine optimization is for savvy bloggers. Most folks failed to rank highly on Google result pages because they quit.

More so, they were doing the wrong things at content marketing. My question to you is simple – do you sell a product, a service or sell ads?

If you answered yes, then organic traffic is the best way to generate hoards of buyers and clients. A rule of thumb is to place the target keywords few times on the article and make sure they’re natural. Don’t try to squeeze in key phrases just to keep up with density.

If a particular keyword obstructs the smooth flow of your content, get rid of it and focus on quality.

You will definitely improve your ranking and targeted traffic, irrespective of severe competitions around. See you at the top!

About the writer – Michael Chibuzor is an SEO consultant and founded htc android tablet to help you get professional insights about htc tablet. You can also learn social media marketing and outsourcing.