I am going to tell you some straightforward search engine optimization (SEO) tips, advices and rules to market yourself and increase your online visibility:

1. Insert your keywords inside the title. It is very important. Google always pays attention to keywords in title.

2. Put the title just after the body tag.

3. Make sure the keywords presented in description.

4. Put the keywords into the h1, h2, h3 tags.

5. Insert the keywords into the strong tags.

6. Left some of them in the content untouchable.

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7. Insert the keywords and/or phrases in title attribute.

8. Also don’t forget to put the in alt attribute.

9. Left the valuable comments in do-follow blogs to get backlinks or inbound links. Don’t make simple and goofy comments. They are usually thoroughly moderated.

10. When linking to your website from an external source, don’t always link to the home page, but vary it between important pages located lower down on your information structure.

11. There are plenty of web sites with pr from 2 to 8 ( I call them fat sites) We can make an account with our website name specified, such as ehow, twitter, facebook and so on.

12. Always make sure that your meta data is unique for each page on your site.

13. Avoid the excessive use of Flash and JavaScript. Not only is it expensive, but it cannot be navigated or cached by search engine spiders.

14. When looking at your rankings, always remember to ‘depersonalize’ your search. Log out of your search engine accounts and navigate to the main home page before checking your Google CV.

15. Keep evolving your SEO campaign by rethinking keywords, tweaking pages and creating additional content. Never use un-optimized content.

16. There are many free link checkers available (Google will give them to you). Use these periodically to make sure that all your links are pointing to the correct pages and not dead ends.

17. Make sure your meta descriptions contain your keywords, but also keep them compelling enough to attract users.

18. Be a little wary of where your posts links. Although the more links the better, a few incoming links from sites of high credibility/popularity can be more valuable than countless links from ‘dodgy’ sites.

19. Optimize your images by using keywords in the file-name, image caption, body text and so on. A simple operation that can add much relevancy to your site or blog without the need to create new content.

20. Always keep your sitemaps updated with your latest content. Spend some time adding newer pages to your catalog of links. If you using WordPress there are some plugins that can do it for you. If you don’t know how to make a sitemap Vancouver Web Design will happy to help you.

21.Creating Articles and submitting them to article directories is the best approach to ascertain your web site and acquire natural, themed inbound links. A number of the better known article directories are ezinearticles, articlebase etc. These directories have great respectability because of high standards of articles and tight editorial standards. They enjoy very sensible traffic and therefore, provide wonderful exposure to businesses.

22.If you wish to get the word out as quickly as potential then Press releases are the best bet. Quick, quick and economical! They furnish instant visibility and are great for spreading your company message across the Web.

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