I have to admit I’m a sucker for statistics, research results and statistics to the vital aspects of the site or blog development. SEO and traffic are two of those aspects so when I have read a post on Andy Beal’s blog that shares some extremely interesting research results I simply had to read the rest…

And while the research results consistent with my own behavior I never stopped to think how wide spread that effect might be. Considering that I’m always tight on free time I simply attributed this to my own preference. Well, turns out that If Your Site Is Not On First Page Of Google Search Results it might as well Don’t Exist!

Rather shocking wake up call for many who decide to read the complete article that details all the analysis but here are couple of the most important points:

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Unless you are one of the rare people who don’t care about Google and don’t rely on traffic generated by it – graphs above should give you understanding of the importance that SEO plays when you write a post…