The concept of SEO can be very intimidating for anybody who wants to give it a shot. You need to be very efficient if you want to apply on-page SEO to your website and thereby increase the chances of being ranked. Many people are not aware as to how many times you can mention the main keyword phrase in each page. Through the general concept is that keyword density should be at 3%, there are many top ranking websites which have a keyword density of only 1.5%. But the final decision of optimizing the page will rest entirely upon you.

You need to understand that you are writing for an audience and not for the search engines; so there is no hard and fast rule to stick to the popular percentage of keyword density. Even an article with 2% keyword density may rank high if the content is very good. The article should focus on only one single keyword and a good content should be enough the search engine bots. The best way to deal with this keyword density thing is to limit the word usage to 600 words per page. However, each page must be created and optimized for a specific keyword. It must be reiterated again and again that producing quality content for the reader should be the single most important focus.

The Importance of H1, H2 Tags

The heading tags should be used wisely which are called H1, H2, etc. These do hold importance as they are noticed and tracked by the search engines. It is nearly impossible to comment how much has been assigned to each. A good strategy is to let H1 have the main keywords and the subsequent H tags the secondary keywords. The H tags can be optimized in very quick time but the headlines and the subheading must be very effective. When you learn to use the main keyword tactfully within the main text body, then you can influence the SEO score.


If your website has lots of photos and videos then that needs to be optimized too. Here the Alt attributes become very important. These are noting but small snippets of text that are used to describe the image or the video. They are useful for the audience and for the search engines as it informs the bots what the image represents. The image can also be used as a link and in such cases the alt tag serves as the anchor text. These are very small but important changes that you should incorporate to improve upon the SEO score.

The other details are also important but you should follow these tips to get full rewards for your hard work. These tactics will bring significant benefits to your site and hence cannot be overlooked at all. On-page SEO is nothing more than using a combination of right tactics and focusing on the important elements. New online marketers spend a lot of time in going through different books to learn about the SEO tips and tricks. Concentrate on different strategies and good content but never ignore SEO enhancement.

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