seo_link_exchange_wordpress.gifWith so much talk about SEO and importance of optimization of your blog pages to rank well in the Search Engines I have seen one most important factor also been most overlooked – Link Exchange!

Number Of Links pointing back to your blog or site is still one of the most important factors that Google uses to determine how well it should rank your content and assign a Page Rank. Link juice passed from one blog to another through a Do Follow link means a lot in terms of getting better positions and in this post I want to invite you to use a free resource to boost a number of incoming links (backlinks) to your blog AND you get to pick WHICH!

A Few Simple Facts on Backlinks and Page Rank:

I’m not an SEO expert and never claim to be one. I manage to get the job done based on a few simple things I do. Just as many others I do pay attention to long tail keywords, “on-page” Search Engine Optimizatio, etc. But perhaps most importantly – I know about importance of Backlinks!

Building a number of incoming links to your blog or site that pass full PR juice is The Number 1 aspect of SEO. And here is an example for you. A couple month ago I have launched a new niche blog that is filled with NO ORIGINAL content. It contains a large number of auto-posted articles that are products from a niche store with my affiliate links in it and a bunch of content articles syndicated from Article Distribution Service on daily bases.

While each post is by default optimized for search engines through configuration for a very “long tail keyword” – I have done nothing to promote it or market it except create a link from one of my PR3 related sites. 2 Month later that blog got a PR2 and daily traffic continues to grow as number of articles grows and generate sales.

On opposite side I had blog launched with similar concept but NO LINK at about same time and right now IT HAS NO PAGE RANK! Maybe just a coincidence but do you want to chance it?

Would You Like To Increase Number Of Incoming Links?

…and better yet, how about doing it in a way that Google loves: natural growth, with related sites and through manual reciprocation?

Oh, yeah – And Do It For FREE!

I know, I know … sounds like a crap from a sales page but hey, I’m excited Cool. I get a chance to share with you an opportunity to grow your blog in popularity.

And here is how we are going to do it!

1. Signup for Link Exchange Network:


2. Read Getting Started

All the steps you need outlined there but we will look at them in a bit more details.

3. Click To Add Site

seo_backlinks1.gifYou will need to provide some information about your blog or site, so make sure you fill it in carefully as it is what will be used by Search Engines for evaluation. Also choose appropriate category as it will determine what sites you will be able to exchange links with and Choose up to 30 categories to trade links with. I recommend going with what is relevant! Getting started guide actually outlines this one quite nicely, so I will not repeat it.

4. Install Code

seo_backlinks2.gifThis is a directory that allows Automated Reciprocation of links based on what you have accepted for exchange but to do so – it requires code to be installed on your blog and validated BEFORE your blog going active. Click on “installation code” and then make sure that PHP page is chosen. Copy the code provided within that page.

Go to your cPanel and in the root folder of your blog create a new file: links.php. Paste the code you were provided into that file.

Navigate into Theme Editor section of your blog and choose footer.php for editing. Insert this code to link to the newly created page in whatever location works best for you:

<a href="<? echo get_option('siteurl'); ?>/links.php">Partners</a>

Now in the Links Exchange directory provide the link to your new page, you will see a place for it!

5. Validate Code

This one fairly simple. Once all steps completed you need to go To My Sites and click link to validate the new site. Once it is done – you are ready to go in and request link exchanges!

6. Locate Link Exchange Partners

Just follow the steps described in the Getting Started guide. You can request links partners and they will be auto added to your blog once exchange request accepted. I recommend you do it at least once a week and you will see new requests coming your way and request more. Build your links to get better ranking!

Check your requesting partners for quality – don’t accept bad or unrelated sites – one link from good site is worth lot more then 10 links from crappy and make sure they are related to yours to even more boost the value of exchange!

Disclaimers: I bring you the service but ONLY as authorized reseller and don’t have full control over it. At this time I have not seen any garbage sites in the directory and will do my best to act on any reports of spamy sites etc and remove them.

This directory is a free but its author( not me) does sell one way links. In my communication with him he said he doesn’t sell them to the reseller directories (one like I provide) at this point but reserve the right to do so. Although he assured me he has no plans for it now.

The directory does provide an option to upgrade any account to a Paid Membership for a fee and that will allow you to NOT have any links you didn’t accept fr exchange to appear on your blog.

I have used the original directory (and still do) provided by its author very effectively and wanted to exchange the opportunity to you. And since being a partner with author gives me control over what sites appear in directory to any members joined through my link – I will do my best to keep it nice and clean so you could benefit from it!

And that should address one gripe I have with the original directory – too many garbage sites. Feel free to join and benefit – for FREE! Click below to get started.