seo120x60-1.gifA few weeks ago I received in mail invitation from Charles Kirkland for his SEO CodeBreaker product launch. Being busy I have to admit I didn’t give it full justice and since as JV partner I was provided with full access to membership area I wanted to present you with facts and let you decide if strategies shared in SEO CodeBreaker is something that you need or want…

I guess the main question is: Is It Another Hyped Product Launch or Does It Have the Meat To Back Its promise? Read the full article to learn…

Main Question: How Much Does It Cost?

SEO CodeBreaker is sold for $97 and I wanted to get this out of the way right before I begin to even talk about the program, because what I’m about to share with you is designed not only to provide you with inside look but also entice you to buy it though my link (hey, I’m an affiliate marketer!) Innocent and just in case you missed all the links before, here is BIG ONE for you …


… OK, now with all the affiliate business out of the way, lets talk about the actual product.

What Exactly do You Get For Your Money?

Main product is without any doubt are Videos. A LOT of them! Charles did a great job of separating complex subject into series of topics, each containing several videos that walk you step-by-step from understanding the task at hand to implementing it.

I personally liked nice and clean cut format of the videos without fluff and information delivered in short bursts that allows you to concentrate on one small section of the task at the time (something that I need to work in my own product).

Obviously I haven’t had a chance to review all the videos but what I have seen so far – I like. Teaching in video format is my favorite and Charles did a very nice job at providing information he had to share.

If you have been doing SEO for a while – you probably will not learn much of the new tricks but if you are new to the subject, these videos will explain what you need to know to get results with your blog or site. I never claim to be a SEO expert and only use some of the basic stuff for my own tasks and yet I manage to rank well. His videos explain how to go beyond those basics and since most of your competition probably only heard about SEO I think you can do well.

Major Topics Discussed in Videos

SEO Basics and Program Overview

Set of 4 videos that begin with introduction to the program and then progress to Search Engines introduction and why you should even care. But perhaps more important video is actually discusses what is SEO project and gives you overview of the tasks at hand to ensure good rankings. There is more to the subject then many might think and last video covers it very nicely.

Market Research

Set of 9 videos: This is where Charles begins to discuss how to identify the possible competitions, research characteristics of who you are going to be playing against and evaluating just HOW HARD it will be to beat them in Search engine rankings. I also liked the videos where he shares free resources to compare market popularity to begin competing.

Keyword Research

Set of 6 videos that covers one of my favorite subjects Cool. Proper keyword research can mean the difference between a huge success and failure and learning how to use multiple tools available to you is very important. Charles goes in details on multiple variations of keywords and their importance and explains how to properly use them.

Onpage Factors

Set of 10 videos that most people consider to be the one and only task need completion. Obviously this is only a step in overall strategy and these videos cover pretty much all you need to know about multiple aspects of the task and proper usage. Since 90% of the sites you will be competing against never do even half of what you will get from videos – you stand a good chance because these videos are only part of the system!

Offpage Factors

19 Videos that are all about linking. It is not secret that search engines pay huge attention in number of links pointing to your blog and if you can’t get at least enough to exceed the results of your main competition using these tutorials I’d be very surprised…

Case Study

Learning strategies and tips is all good and dandy but actually seeing those strategies implemented is priceless (hmm, new slogan for credit card commercial?)! 22 videos on my last count that shows you how Charles actually does what he previously shared in his video tutorial. In same easy to follow format of Camtasia screen recordings this section is a great resource in my opinion. We can throw as many theories as we want but seeing actual action is still the best.

Watch the Video Overview Of Members Area (found on Revver):


Do I think that product is worth the price? Answer to this one both complex and simple… If you know a lot about SEO – you might learn a few things, get all the tasks associated with SEO project in their proper order but the value to you might not be as great as it will be for someone who just starting building a blog or site. In my opinion this one will work for beginner to intermediet person best and present biggest bang on the dollar spent (yes, I do get affiliate commissions if you buy through my link).

Charles also running an Affiliate Contest and I wouldn’t mind to win it Wink. And here is what I’m prepared to do:

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Web 2.0 Wealth is currently sold for $67 and I’m planning to raise the price to $97 in next couple of weeks since I was told too many times that I under-sell it. If you purchase SEO CodeBreaker using one of the links on this post during qualifying time frame – I will give you chance to buy it for ONLY $47!

Here is how:

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Put the power of 2 products together and see your new blog ranking well! And don’t forget that either product comes with money back guarantee so at least give it a try!