Search Engine Optimization simply can’t exist without proper keyword research. Period. But no matter how much we know about it – doing the proper keyword research is time intensive and too often we simply skip it all together!

Well, here is the tool that will make that process EXTREMELY simple for you, although not a foolproof. A Firefox extension provided by the guys at Wordtracker and designed to help you create more targeted content.

Let’s look at what is a seo blogger and just how simple it is to use it..

Using SEO Blogger your content simply has better chance of getting additional traffic from search engines without too much of the extra effort on your part. Guys at Wordtracker provide a great tutorial and I have no intentions to duplicate it.

But here is a screenshot of me using SEO Blogger while creating this post:

wordtracker seo blogger

Easy, although in this case I’m not sure how much traffic it will actually bring me 🙂 But hey – main goal of this blog post is to share with you a cool tool and if you like it – you can download SEO Blogger extension here.

Let me know what you think!