PPC Web Spy is a FREE tool you can download right now and use for what I personally would call nothing less but “swiping” the well researched keywords in ANY profitable niche. While called PPC Web Spy I personally think its usage expends beyond PPC and presents unlimited opportunity for bloggers!

In fact I say – EVERY blogger must have it and for two reasons:

  1. It doesn’t cost you anything – just download it here
  2. It cuts down your keyword research time and leaves you to do what you do best – content creation to dominate the Natural SERP’s. Let others pay for the keywords!

Interested to learn more? Dive into the details!

Brad Callen, the guy behind superb search engine research and optimization tools we all know, love and many of us use (SEO Elite, Keyword Elite) just released a new tool PPC Web Spy and this time for FREE.

Yes, there is an upsell to a more advanced, Platinum version of the tool, which I personally purchased but in order to use it – you don’t have to buy it! It simply gives you a few more additional, very nice benefits – but that is the choice you will need to make when you see the offer. Free version of the tool will work just fine for you!

And the main reason I recommend it – it gives you access to unlimited supply of well researched and tested keywords in any PROFITABLE niche. We all know that grabbing a top position in Google for any search can be done via 2 methods:

  • Pay Per Click (AdWords) or
  • SEO for natural results

Either way you need to know what are the exact keywords people use to search in that niche and how well those keywords perform. For PPC it is even more true as you will actually have to pay for each click, so the keywords people bid one – well researched and optimized.

Now how would you like to simply input your main niche key phrase and then just go in and swipe the keywords you need from people who did all the research, tested and you get the keywords based on the actual number of visitors they get!

Just have a look at this screenshot:


Now to describe the numbers above:

  1. I did a search on “golf club sets’
  2. I clicked on “View Keywords” button that is provided by the PPC Web Spy for me on one of the top ranking ads
  3. I got results! …which I can sort by clicks per day and copy all the keywords to clipboard.
  4. And if I need more – I have a convenient link to do additional research.

Now, the tool does a heck of a lot more then what I have shown above but you just gonna have to watch the video presentation created by Brad.

Visit PPC Web Spy page to watch the video presentation and signup!