Many companies have blogs with their company website to attract more clients. But having a beautiful blog along with the website is not enough to attract the users. When a client visits the blog he may get impressed with the design, color and the fonts at first, but unless he finds valuable information in the blog, he will leave the site. Website design does not boost sales or lead traffic towards your site. It only draws the user near to your website. It’s your content that impresses him the most and encourages him to visit your blog and website regularly.

How does a user find your site or blog? They type the keywords in the search engines and click on the links that search result shows. Now the question is, how the search engines locate your site and most importantly, why will they show your site in the top search results when there are thousands of other blogs and websites out there. That is where SEO services play a very crucial role. SEO friendly content writing helps the search crawlers to find your site and feature it on the top search results.

SEO content writing helps the website to generate traffic and thus increases sales. Here are some tips that will help you to write search engine friendly content for the blog.

  • Research- For successful SEO content writing, you should search for the most important keywords that can direct more traffic towards your website. However, while incorporating the keywords in the blog posts will generate traffic towards your site, you need to choose the most relevant yet less competitive keywords. For example, you can use the keyword “logo design” or “logo design india” in your blog post. Both of these keywords are useful, but “logo design India” will narrow down the search and give you better ranking in search results.
  • Relevant topics- When you choose a topic for your blog post make sure that it is relevant to your business. If your website is regarding website design services and the visitors come to your blog, he must be looking for a topic related to logo design. You can use logo design tips, solution, popular trends as your blog post topics. Such topics will have lots of keywords relevant to logo design and lead traffic towards your website.
  • Catchy title- The title of a blog post will not only be noticed by the visitors but by the search engine as well. Your article title should be catchy and have at least one relevant keyword. It should give the visitor an instant idea what this topic discusses and fulfills the search engine optimization factor. You have only a few seconds to grab the visitors’ attention. The catchier headline you give, the sooner it will grab the readers’ attention.
  • Show your expertise but don’t act “knowledgeable”- You may have ample knowledge in a particular subject. But when you write an article, try to avoid jargons and use simple English so that more people understand what you want to say. When you use too much technical language in your blog post, it bores the readers and they feel you are trying to show off. When you write an article, remember that even a 15 year old may be your regular visitor and your article should be lucid enough for him as well.
  • Avoid too many keywords- SEO content writing doesn’t mean your content will have one keyword in every sentence. The keywords must blend with the topic of the article. Out of context keywords do more harm then keyword less content. If you pack too many keywords in an article for better ranking, the site will be blacklisted by search engines.

Conclusion- Try to write regularly on your blog.

Especially, try to write on recent topics. This will be helpful for search engines to find your website and blog. For example, if you provide SEO services in India and write a blog post on Google Panda update 2.4, it will drive a huge audience towards your blog. If they like your blog post and find out that you are a professional SEO company, they may visit your website and hire you.

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