Get one way links on autopilot! Bold promise, isn’t it?

And yes, if you are wondering, there is a catch to what I’m about to describe and even though it works like a charm right now – it is right there in the shades of gray as far as SEO concerned, so I don’t know how long this process will continue to work.

And that question should be on your mind as what I’m about to share will come with price but fear not! I care about your valet and will also share a free alternative

3 Way Links Method

I know you probably read plenty of the reviews about the 3 way links by Jonathan Ledger and this is Not One Of Them!

I have no intentions to sell you on his system but simply share the the idea and allow you to decide if this is right for you or not – after all, shelling out $47 each month is not something to be taken lightly!

How Does It Work?

3-way-linksConcept is extremely simple: Site A links to Site B, which in turn links to Site C and then Site C links to original Site A. This formula gives each one of the 3 participating sites a One Way Link.

As long as proper distribution is in place – everyone gets to benefit from the process and so far it works like a champion!

But since this process is gaming the natural link building – it is in shades of gray, as far as search engines concerned and possibility that they eventually will catch up exists. So just be mindful of this little fact if you decide to put it to use.

Did I Scare You Enough Yet?

I hope not because the process works!

  • …maybe its due to the fact that number of the links to any site in process is no more than 250 and it allows them to fly below the Google radar
  • …maybe it is because they build those links in a slow and deliberate manner to replicate natural growth
  • …maybe it is due to the fact that they have a quality control unlike any other service and to be accepted into the system it is not enough to pay! Your site actually have to be a good site and many of the “questionable” sites not accepted at all
  • …maybe it is due to the all of the above

But it works and if you spend just a bit of time – you will find plenty testimonials from happy customers of the 3 Way Links. And the service allows you to build one way links on complete autopilot.

Have A Look At What Is Offered

Just keep in mind couple things:

  1. It is a gray method to rank high, fast and on autopilot and even though it works great for last couple years, who knows how long it will last.
  2. If you cancel subscription – you lose all incoming links.

System will allow you to have 50 sites and can be most beneficial for Niche Bloggers who look to boost traffic to their blogs by getting better ranking in Google and not worried about possible penalties to any individual site, IF Google ever catches up.

But I have also promised you a free 3 way link service!

Yes, Free 3 Way Links service does exist! It comes with some limiations but hey, when you get frebbie, can you really complaing?

Link Serp service gives you One Site for free to add into their network and start benefiting but they also offer you an upgrade if you want to expand it to more sites and at $19.97/m their Upgrade price is quite a bit more attractive then first service I mention while providing similar in quantity.

And if you think that immediate benefits outweigh the risks of possible penalties later  (if it ever happens) – this service can be great way for you to beat the competition. There is enough testimonials to incredible results from the users of the system – my personal opinion is that it is extremely beneficial if you are running a lot of Niche blogs and penalty to one will not impact your income overall especially considering the immediate gains presented by system

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