Local SEO optimization is a great career to pursue.

Search engine optimization can be a lot easier, profitable and enlightening if bloggers and webmasters understand the concept behind it.

Gone are the days when crappy blogs dominated Google homepage, quality speaks now. These days, you need to be well-positioned, in terms of on-page optimization. And not just that, you also need to strengthen the links you get.

If you master Local SEO, every other thing would follow seamlessly. In this post, I want to show you the 5 easy ways to profit from real customers, using Local SEO strategies. I implore you to read this post and take action afterwards. Let’s go…

1. What’s the current trend?

In every city or country, there are trends for season. As an internet marketer, keeping abreast of what’s happening around the web, as it relates to local consumers is a sure-fire way to profit. The profit I’m talking about isn’t limited to money; it could be a business relationship between local companies and entrepreneurs.

Here is the truth: the trend in vogue right now has a strong impact in your city. For instance, Pinterest has become the best social network – few people are talking about Facebook and Twitter these days.

How do you tap into the Pinterest opportunity to expand your business? You begin with photo optimization, fully customized for local consumers.

When you pin such photos on your board, you would get more repins, and traffic which you can leverage upon to achieve more and better results.

2. Optimize for local interest

For a business to succeed locally there should be an interest in local events and occasions.

One of my niche blogs is doing well today, because I placed local consumers upfront, they’re the source of my joy, and all the money I’ve ever made from the blog is from local consumers.

In every city, learn to optimize for the interest of the people. If the buyers use a certain shopping site to make all purchases, why not build a blog that shares tips and coupon deals to help them save.

Interestingly, local consumers are the most targeted buyers in the entire world. A lot of bloggers and internet entrepreneurs have neglected their locality, but to target the whole world. How pathetic?

3. Optimize for household brands

In United States, the citizens are used to Amazon and Wal-Mart. These two shopping giants are deemed credible, and reliable.

If you look at the gross earnings of Amazon in 2011, you’ll notice that a large portion of their earning is from local consumers.

What’s your take on this as an internet marketer?

Well, simply create a blog and concentrate on attracting local buyers. You could monetize this blog with Amazon and Wal-Mart physical products as an affiliate and earn decent commissions from both merchants.

The city you’re targeting will trust your blog, provided it is valuable and fully-packed with honest reviews from actual product users.

4. Connect with local consumers socially

Social media networks play great roles in Local SEO. If you search for several keywords on Google, majority of the top 10 listings are profile-based. I’m talking about Facebook pages, Google+ results and now, Pinterest has joined the chariots.

And guess what? Local buyers of any product are active in these social networking sites. You need to connect with them socially, without sounding like a salesperson. Act like a great Politician who understands the needs of the people and wants to fill it.

By presenting yourself as a solution-giver, you’ll automatically open up a channel to make more money. These social users would visit your blog, subscribe and place orders or do whatever you ask them to.

But it begins with ‘communication.’ And while you’re at it, ensure you target the long-tail keywords in your niche. This way, Google can crawl, index and start ranking your social profile within 30 days. Start connecting with local shoppers today – it’s highly profitable!

5. Build a resource center (blog)

When I say resource center, I’m referring to a blog that’s highly valuable to local users. For instance, if you run a web design firm, you could create a blog and hire freelance bloggers to contribute quality, relevant and practical posts on daily basis or three times weekly.

This kind of blog will generate massive targeted local traffic from Google, and it’ll become a resourceful portal where local users can access web design tips, programming tips and how to find a reliable and skilled service providers.

If you can do this for Local dwellers of a city, there will be no struggle to make money online, or build responsive email lists. And blogging is the best way to build a resource center; accept guest posts from skilled bloggers, and start promoting your blog to target audience.

Local SEO Recap

Did you learn anything from this post? Google and other search engines are moving towards ‘engagement’ and local optimization is the easiest way to engage a certain group of people professionally.

If global search targeting hasn’t worked for you all these while, why not give local a shot – I see you take action today. Will you?

About The Author

Michael Chibuzor is a creative freelance writer. He writes about web hosting, Pinterest and Twitter and other social media topics. Get in touch with him today to write quality contents for your business.