Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most popular digital mediums. The increasing prevalence of podcasting applications and smartphones have given podcasts and new lease of life as the quality and quantity of podcast available have increased dramatically over the last five years.

Podcasting is not a new form of media. In essence, podcasting is returning back to one of the most basic forms of media — storytelling and verbal communication. As the popularity of podcasts has increased over the last half a decade, there has been a rapid increase in the marketing interests that surrounds them. In 2019, the marketing reach first cost of podcast advertising and podcast creation makes it one of the most appealing advertising mediums for marketers looking to rapidly increase their Ridge and find new audiences.

As a result of the increasing popularity of podcast, marketers are now looking for new and innovative ways to leverage the previously unutilised communication medium. This has given life to the term podcast SEO and a new way that search engine optimisation Professionals can optimise a new medium to increase organic reach. So, what do you need to know about podcast SEO? And how can you use SEO for podcast to improve the reach of your own or a client’s podcast?

Here are a few tips that you can use to get your podcast SEO efforts on track.

Add Your Podcast to Google Podcasts

As Google ramp up their efforts to take control of podcasts, Google podcast is now more important than ever. If you haven’t already uploaded your episodes to Google podcast yet, you can quickly do so by adding your podcast RSS feed.

Google podcast is perhaps the easiest way to start improving the search engine presence of your podcast while also monitoring your rankings. By doing so, your podcast will also receive an audio snippet on the search results.

Focus on Quality, Not SEO

While it is important to start thinking about the SEO for your podcast, the most important thing that you need to remember is to create high-quality content that users genuinely want to listen to. Much like written content, the most successful podcast content is going to widely listen to your respective of how well of demised it is for search. Create a podcast that is engaging, unique, and appealing to an audience.

Share Your Podcast to Social Media

Just like web content, a strong indication of the success and popularity of the podcast is the number of shares, comments, and likes that receives across different social media channels. As with every facet of content, content marketing plays an important role in the success of your podcast. Choose the social media channel that is most likely to engage your targeted audience weather is Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you can use this medium to promote your content and increase its reach. A diverse range of social media profiles is a good indicator of legitimacy and accounts for ‘social signals’ that can increase your search engine visibility.

Encourage your listeners to share a link to your podcast all your show and create tracking links to find out which channel is performing the best. Social media sharing can be a great way to improve the SEO presence of your podcast by driving referral traffic to increase popularity and eventually your ranking.

Just like webmasters and search engine optimisation professionals who are creating original content for the web, the most important thing that you can do is focus on the quality of your podcast — and not the SEO. Google is now paying more attention to podcasts than ever before which means that there is a good indication that podcasting will only grow more popular and have a larger presence in the search engine results pages.