alice.jpgThis guest article published by Alice Safford a freelance SEO who enjoys social media, web analytics and SEO experiments. Alice provides professional SEO services and loves to share her ideas by posting articles.

There is no secret that search engines estimate the value of your site according to its link popularity. But how to establish this link popularity? There are three steps easily implemented with the Web CEO tools.

1. Make a list of authoritative sites relevant to yours

To do this, go to ‘Partners’ tool and search for possible link partners (check both ‘search by keywords’ and ‘search for sites linking to your competitor’ to broaden your list as much as possible). Wait for few minutes and here it is — a detailed list of sites that can be beneficial to backlink partners.

backlink partners list

Remember, backlink quality matters even more than quantity. Look through web site details that Web CEO gives you and remove all questionable sites immediately. When you are done, and your prospect partners list is all shining and relevant, move to the next step.

2. Contact your prospective partners

You do not need to dig through the whole Internet searching for webmaster contacts. Web CEO will do it for you automatically — just have a little patience. Then move to the ‘Manage correspondence’ tab. Here, you will send link request letters to the webmasters you have chosen. You can compose your own text or modify existing templates (I prefer modifying them a bit; this makes letters sound even more personal).

composing personal leters

When the letters are sent and answers received, see the results of your efforts at the ‘Summary’ tab.

3. Monitor your backlink agreements to make sure they all stay in place

Just imagine how much time you need to visit your backlink partners’ pages to check if your link is still there. However, this is just a small part of the job, and many other software programs for links exchange do this. But Web CEO goes much farther: it also checks if the Google PR of the page remains the same, ensures that the link text tells what you agreed upon, and does not call you an idiot — and there is no NOFOLLOW tag around the link. Scary, if you need to do it manually. But Web CEO masters many important tasks related to links exchange. Just to go to the ‘Partners’ tab and see how your partners go.

backlink agreements monitoring

This is just a tiny piece of what Web CEO can do for you and your web site. I’ll have more tips on link building in the next article.