I want to take a bit more mundane approach here and provide some of the actual stats that should provide an answer to a question I hear a lot:

How Hard Is It To Get Listed And Ranking In Google?

Quite frankly I believe that people overly complicate things when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and getting in the SERP’s because first and foremost thing that Google and other search engines are looking for is RELEVANT content that provides answers/solutions to people who use their Search Functionality!

So all you, the blogger, have to do – is to provide that SOLUTION! But enough talking and lets look at an actual example blog I have launched on 09/29/2010 – CB Cash Grenade Review.

Basic SEO and Google Ranking – Practical Application

Blog was launched on September 29 with just a single blog post – nothing fancy, nothing overly complicated, using some standard plugins I always recommend on this blog. Here are some stats:

  • Day 2 – blog was listed in Google when searching for domain name: site:cbcashgrenadereview.com
  • Day 3 – blog is ranking on first page for my main keywords

As you ca see in image above I used Google Chrome in Privacy Mode Browsing to ensure that I get correct search results and not a personalized results.

Granted that key phrase this blog is optimized for is very much targeted and there isn’t much competition, yet… but the fact remains – it is not hard to achieve these results and they could be easily duplicated by just about anyone!

Since CB Cash Grenade Review blog will be part of the case study and later provided to people who will follow (subscribe) to that blog and my existing customers – I will not be sharing exact details on how I achieved the results shown above, yet.

While you can easily trace some of the strategies I used, others will be hidden from you and I do invite you to visit the blog and subscribe to email  notifications – this way you will also get access to details, nothing withheld!