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I have often heard bewildered clients ask the same question over and over again, “How can I figure out where my customers are finding information about my business?”  This is quite an important question and should be answered with clarity.

First and foremost, the answer helps you identify the channels that are attracting customers and reinforce them with the necessary marketing campaigns to further boost its potential. It also helps spot future opportunities that can bring in more customers through the door with tactical planning and expansion.

Here are three simple tips that can help you identify the marketing channels that bring in customers and how you can amplify them:

1- Don’t shy away. You can ask.

Traditionalist marketers often have a wrong illusion that the customers will not appreciate potentially invasive questions. On the contrary, i have found mine to be more than willing to share their story. Customers, mostly the happy , go-lucky ones are often content with letting you know about how they ended up on your business listing, blog or website.

You can try out these simple tips to know more:

  • Have your employees pop this intriguing question to the customer if he’s at your physical store.
  • You can create an online survey and have the email link shared to your new email subscribers and social media fans.
  • Or you can just ask folks to chirp in where they’d love to see your marketing be improved on.

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2- Better yet, do a “search”!

Hey, you can always dig in more about yourself on the search engines. It might surprise you. Try a simple search with your business name on a prominent and much-visited search engine like Google or Bing (the more popular, the more the better). Not only can you glean some insights as to your competition, you can also spot your rankings and hopefully begin working on fortifying your SEO campaigns!

Chances are these may be among the results you see:

  • Your website or blog would be the most recognizable
  • Facebook profiles
  • Twitter and other social media
  • Linkedin profile
  • Reviews on prominent sites such as Tripadvisor and Yelp
  • Listings on online portals such as Yellow Pages, Yahoo, Urbanspoon, Bing or Google.

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You can try out terms such as these to gain faster and much more detailed insight:

  • Mechanics in [your city/search area]
  • Restaurants in [your town/search area]
  • Where to get grab a bite in [your favorite search place/your town]

Make a list as you glean in the torrent of information that is bound to follow and plan your SEO strategies accordingly.

3- Keep an eye on the email list and its growth

When folks not only pay attention to your marketing campaigns but take the extra care to follow your blogs with sharing their contacts, that calls for celebration! With modern sign up tools, you can easily identify and track your email clientele expansion and analyze your growth. The more the people, the more folks love your content.

Ensure that you make it easier for new customers to sign you for your emails as that plays a big role in amplifying your marketing campaign and possibly doubling up your SEO campaigns.