When online business owners are trying to generate more business, they come up with ideas to offer a coupon. And, somewhere else in the office building, the team of dedicated SEOs is working hard to try and increase the website’s domain authority by building links. Unfortunately, in many businesses, the two departments don’t work together.

And that puts the business at a great disadvantage. What would happen if the two groups worked together to try and increase business. Many online businesses, such as Island Surf and Navteq, offer coupons. The coupon allows them to increase the amount of money they are bringing in which results in higher profit.

But, coupons are only as good as the people that are finding them. That’s why the two groups should come together to offer a solution that would be even greater for the company. And the way to do that is to offer coupons to entice backlinking.

The basic premise of a back link is that the visitor who found it is so happy and so excited that they want to link back to you. The content is that great or it’s enticing, so naturally, you get linked to. Well, a coupon can have that effect. And it can do more than just get you a link. It can also start getting circulated around the social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook which is increasingly becoming an important metric for search engines.

The problem people run in to is how to encourage people to link. Many would link to the site, but they don’t think to do it when they are looking at the coupon. There are a few things you can do to encourage people to link to you:

  1. Underneath the coupon, put a small box that has the code for a link. Inside, put the URL to the coupon so that people can easily copy and paste it onto their site. This is especially easy if you’ve got bloggers who come to your site.
  2. Put the social media buttons all around the coupon. When they see the coupon, they’ll also see something that says “Share With Your Friends” and they are more likely to show their friends what they are seeing.
  3. Ask them. If you ask them to share with their friends or link to your site, they’re more likely to do it. You’re putting into their mind that they could share it and if they found the coupon useful, they are more likely to pass it around to their readers.

I can already hear some people saying that this is unethical. And I can hear other people saying that Google looks down on this. In no way is it unethical or against Google’s rules. Google says that you can’t offer something in exchange for a link. So, it would be unfair for me to offer someone a coupon only if they added my link to their site.

But, if I make it easier for them to link to me and they can have the coupon regardless, then that’s acceptable. In reality, I’m doing something Google wants. I am creating something that the reader loves so much that they link to. This, in Google’s eyes, demonstrates trust. And trust dictates a site’s power in the SERPs.

So, the next time you release a coupon on your site, think about how it can help you out more than just getting more business. Try and find a way to get some links and social sharing from it. Sometimes, the business you’d get from the extra traffic is a lot better than that one sale. Try it out…You’ll be surprised how successful you are.

Guest Post By: Jay is an online marketer who helps companies expand their business with many different ways including coupons. He uses Navteq and Island Surf as examples of discounts that work. He also runs a site that have islandsurf coupon and navteq discount codes.