Every site or blog has a main keyword (or at least I hope you do) that it wants to rank well for in Google Search Results. In my case it is “wordpress web 2.0” and if you do a search right now on these keywords you will find my blog in number 3 and 4 positions with only the wordpress.org ranking higher. See image below …

wordpress_web20_guide_googl.gifBut that test only provides me with information without full understanding of why, although as a webmaster I’m fully aware of many things involved and done my [tag-tec]SEO[/tag-tec]. Google gives great value to other sites linking to you for with your chosen keyword in anchor text and what it sees as relevant links. More sites refer to you – better you will rank.

And I just run into a great tool that will help you do just that!

TouchGraph Google browser creates an awesome visual representation of networks interconnected for specific topics. Using it extremely simple and once you type in your chosen key phrase in quotes it will launch a new java window with full graph.

touchgraph.gifAnd here are my results, click on image to get full view (opens in new window). In the image I have specified where my blog pages located on the graph and as you can see quite clearly it pretty much stands alone. One nice exception is my profile on MyBlogLog. I have made sure to join communities of people running blogs on similar topics and as result – Google sees it as a network for my chosen keywords. So here is another benefit for you to participate in [tag-tec]Social Networks[/tag-tec]!

Should I leave it as it is or can I improve it?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact I have done just that. WordPress.org topic ranks #1 for my chosen keywords and since it is extremely relevant to my WordPress Web 2.0 Guide I have commented with a link. But I made absolutely sure to avoid spaming! That topic is a question and I simply provided an answer in my comment and requested feedback. Perhaps it will provide some value, perhaps not due to “no follow” tag but either way I have a link from my main competition for my chosen keyword and if someone goes there first – I still will get my traffic since my comment was a relevant answer to the question.

Second obvious thing to do is to increase my community presence. MyBlogLog profile has managed to provide me a nice value in form of social network that Google has noticed. I have to add that I failed to take full advantage of BlogCatalog network that has similar concept and it would be the next logical step.

You can do similar search and once you locate your main competition – try to contact sites that are seen within its network and see if you can get some links back from them. Sometimes simply asking for exchange will do the trick …

So go on! Improve your Google ranking for your chosen keywords, do some basic search engine optimization.