Free One Way Links do exist and actually not as hard to get as some might think and in this part of the One Way Link Building Series I want to discuss one method most often overlooked by bloggers.

Directories and Blog Directories submission is a great way to have your blog listed and get a free one way links, often from a quality site. There a few gotchas you need to be aware of…

General and Niche Directories Submissions

There is nothing magic in Directory Submission and it is a tedious and time consuming work but if you follow some basic guidelines – it can be rewarding and will bring you much desired link juice.

Instead of repeating what is well described by others I will provide you with a link to an article “The ultimate guide to directory submissions” that does job well and explains what you need to know as well as provides list of a few quality directories. Here is quote from the article:

The top 10 directories

Finally, here’s a list of the top free and paid general directories to get you started.

5 of the best free directories include:

5 of the best paid directories include:

Do yourself a favor and submit to at least the free directories as it will give you a boost!

Blog Directories

As a blogger you have a unique opportunity to do your blog promotion by adding your blog to one of the many available blog directories. In fact it is perhaps even more beneficial to you then doing general directories with exception of the top 5 listed πŸ™‚

1. Get Your Homework Done

Make no mistakes this process will consume quite a bit of your time and you might want to spread it as a task across multiple days, depending on how many hours or minutes you can dedicate to the process. You also might want to get some information ready in advance so the submission process will be simple copy / paste:

  • Blog Name – self explanatory, I like to have keywords in it πŸ˜‰
  • Blog URL – you main domain url
  • Blog Feed – your blog RSS feed url as many directories will allow you to list it
  • Your Keywords – think what you want to rank on
  • Blog Description – get this one right. Do use keywords but think of it as Short Ad for your blog. I recommend you have 2 versions ready:Β  short (around 150 words) and long (300-350 words)
  • Your Username and Password – often you will be required to create an account, keep it consistent for the personal sanity check!
  • Your email – requires valid email address as some will make you verify by clicking link in welcome email before your listing will be active.

I recommend you get that info in Notepad or something similar that doesn’t add extra formatting to the text and be sure to spell check and ensure that you would personally click the url on listing – make your listing an AD for your blog!

2. Locate Directories and Submit Your Blog

This one is perhaps the easiest part of all. There is more blog directories than I care to post on this blog but what I will do instead is link to some of the more essential lists created by others. Be aware, some links in those lists will be dead as sites no longer exist but with so many to choose from – just move on to next one:

I could continue this exercise but it is pointless and if you decide you need more – just do a Google Search for “blog directories list” and you will be presented with plenty more.

Outsource the Process – Pay For It

Did I mention that manual submissions are very time consuming process? And if you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I hate repetitive and mindless tasks and will always opt to pay for it instead of wasting my own time.

There are many ways to go about it:

For Directory submission you can either purchase a software that automates the process for you as much as possible, such as SEO Elite or you can hire some to do it for you. There are plenty option available, just Google “blog directories submissions” and you will see what I mean.

I have personally used this service and was quite satisfied with results – Directory Maximizer. Best part about their service is that it is manually submitted and allows me to specify spread the link submission over time to make it appear more natural for the big G. They also constantly expand the number of directories they make submissions to (currently just under 2k) so I continue to use them and can recommend it to anyone looking to save time.

I do know there are a few free and lower priced services that offer same options but i haven’t used them and you are on your own if you decide to go with them.