Keyword research doesn’t always have to be hard.

Nonetheless, it crucially important to do keyword research. Everyone experienced in SEO knows this simple truth.

I really encourage you to thoroughly think about this step when doing any sort of SEO and I promise you’ll get much more predictable and much better results.

It means you’ll make a lot more dollars.

What do you need to do…

Think Over Your Market And Know Your Ideal Customer

The first thing you always want to thoroughly think over and analyze when starting a new online business is your ideal customer.

Of course, you need to have at least a basic grasp of your market.

Assuming that you have a fundamental idea of your market and have spent some months to discover and evaluate it as much as you can, then you need to describe to yourself your “ideal” customer.

The ideal customer is a person you think is the best match for your product that you want to sell. It’s the most targeted person you could get.

One of the best things you could do right now is to take a blank page and draw your ideal customer.

Then make a circle or oval around the person and draw some branches around the circle. You know this, we are making something similar to a mind-map.

On the branches you just write down what you think are the ideal customers: values, interests, needs and wants, income level, passions, problems, age, geographical location etc.

Now you should have a much greater understanding of your market and the actual prospect you want to target.

I often see people overlooking this crucial piece of the puzzle.

If you don’t clearly visualize your ideal customer you could be not only making less sales every day but are also trying to catch the unfetchable butterfly.

You are always catching the wrong people.

What I mean by that is: “You are trying to get the stranger off the streets who isn’t particularly interested in your product or service you sell”

What Is Your Site Currently Ranking For

A really cool tool you should implement if you’re doing any sort of SEO is SEMRush.

To see all the KW’s your website is currently ranking for, go over to SEMRush and put in the URL of your website.

After the tool analyzes your website, you’ll get a list of all the keywords you want to investigate further.

It will give you a few great statistics, but the one you really want to know is the position of your KW on Google.

Now, the reason for using SEMRush is, basically, for you to evaluate your current SEO progress.

If you have already some KW’s ranked on position <10, your job should be to get those ranked position #1-3 on Google first.

If there are any keywords below position 15, keep an eye on them. It’s usually much easier to improve the rankings of those already ranked KW’s than brand new ones.

I wouldn’t brainstorm new keywords if I already had 10 KW’s ranked <12 on Google. It’s an easier catch for me to rank those 10 first.

I’m not saying you should never brainstorm new KW ideas. Absolutely not!

Thinking long-term like after 2> months you should come up with a fresh list of keywords (if SEO is your #1 priority in IM).

But, for now, stick with the keywords you already have as an asset.

Brainstorm Your First List

If your website is completely new, then you, obviously, don’t have a list of successful keywords, right?

Then you’ll want to brainstorm some keyword ideas using the websites already ranked on position 1-10 on Google.

Depending on your niche and product you may already have a good grasp of the keywords to target.

Pick some keywords and put them into the Google search bar.

OK, now you’ve got the top 1-10 results to spy on.

Check What Your Competition Is Ranking For

The next thing you could do is to head over to SEMRush again and this time spy on your competition.

Yeah, just put the URL (of one of the 1-10 results on Google) into the search bar and you can see all the statistics of your competitor’s site.

You could even discover some fresh new keyword ideas to investigate further. I always get some new ideas spying on my competition.

Redo this technique as many times as you like to add new keywords to your list.

Utilize The Google Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

Of course, let’s not forget about the legendary Google Keyword Suggestion Tool.

You can get 100’s of new ideas by using this free tool alone. Yeah, it could take a little while, but it’s worth it.

Just put in the keywords and you get many other possible variations of the keywords.

It is like your own personal brainstorming secretary if you like.

And you can see the monthly search volume competition, and other fancy stuff.

Though, remember that you need to select the “exact” keyword match as well as the broad to better understand the real amount of traffic you can get from a particular KW.

The tool is sure the real thing, but that doesn’t mean it is 100% correct on the number of monthly searches.

Ideally, you should go for the keywords which have a relatively high monthly search volume but a somewhat low competition.

That is, basically, the key for massive traffic. And we all know how difficult it can be to find exactly such KW’s.

Check Page Rank

First, let me suggest you to get SEO Quake, if you haven’t already. It’s an amazing and simple plugin which helps you to spy on your competition and almost x-ray them.

Page Rank shouldn’t be considered as THE most important SEO factor ever. Really not!

But it still is a pretty accurate measure of how valuable Google thinks your website is.

Just to know: “If you see the top 1-10 results filled with PR5> pages (not domain names) you should consider other KW’s if you don’t want to waste a lot of time”.

But if you see some PR3, some PR2, one PR4 and a bunch of PR0-PR2 domains, then there is nothing to be scared of.

Most of the times the high PR pages aren’t ranked for that particular keyword you put into Google search.

That means you can beat them with a little effort.

Age Of Domain

Not going into depth why domain age is important here, but always be aware of the age of domain names.

Still, the older the domain name the greater the chances to rank higher compared to a brand new domain.

Though, there are still many old domain names which show up for search terms completely inappropriate for the niche.

It simply means that Google loves old domain names.

Again use SEO Quake to check the age of a particular domain.

Spy Your Competition With SEO Spyglass

Go get SEO Spyglass if you haven’t already because it’s a fantastic tool to x-ray your competition.

There are many things you could do with SEO Spyglass, but let’s look at how you can spy on your competition.

If you want to rank for particular keyword terms, then it means you have a backlink campaign in mind too.

I strongly suggest you go check out the SEO Spyglass tool which is free by the way.

After you’ve become friends with this tool, you know you can get the amount of backlinks almost any website has got.

You put in the URL of the page (not domain name now) and see how many backlinks they’ve in store.

Then you could do some sneaky tricks like checking the anchor text of the backlinks (very important) and link value.

Really, useful and easy tool to x-ray your competition fast.

Quality Of Backlinks

This is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

See, amount of backlinks is great, but it doesn’t mean everything. As with all the things in life – there’s the quantity factor and the quality factor.

And with SEO the quality factor is far more important than the quantity of backlinks.

A page could have 10 000 backlinks, but if they all are PR0 reciprocal and no-follow, then that page isn’t valuable at all!

These won’t give your Google rankings any noticeable boost.

You want to get high PR, do-follow and correct “achor text” backlinks. If you hunt for these backlinks, you’re on the way to position #1 on Google.

You see, it’s really that of a daunting task to do quality keyword research.
Whether people like it or not, it’s still a very important piece of the SEO puzzle.

I know you’ll pay more attention to keyword research from now on because it will give you the necessary advantage to succeed online and make money with SEO.

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