We all know how frustrating it can be to get high quality backlinks.

Although, in theory, these good backlinks are spread all over the internet, in practice, it is very hard even for the expert SEO guy or internet marketer to find them.

Now, for the beginner internet marketing newbie it can be a real nightmare to discover the “golden nugget” backlinks which Google so loves.

Therefore, I’m going to give you one of the best “secret” SEO strategies almost NOBODY uses to “steal” backlinks…

But, Without Going To Jail!

Have you used some of the most popular web 2.0 properties? Do you know Squidoo, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Zimbio etc.

These are very good websites to get backlinks from. Very, very cool sites indeed.

But, what if I revealed to you a SUPERIOR web 2.0 property like Wikispaces.com?

Yes, WikiSpaces – that free web journal-like site. As they say themselves: “Wikis are simple web pages that groups, friends, and families can edit together”.

Well …in this quote there is a magic word you need to know. You guessed it …”edit”.

See, that’s the beauty of Wikispaces. When you look at it from a SEO or internet marketing perspective, a HUGE OPPORTUNITY or loophole unfolds.

Let Me Explain Exactly What I Mean

Wikispaces.com really is a goldmine to get backlinks from. Because it’s so easy to get backlinks from Wikispaces, you MUST steal this underground technique.

What people do is they write some kind of content – an article, a review, a promotion, a blog post, a brochure, whatever – and publish it on Wikispaces.com.

Now, there are two ways to publish it, so that the content goes live.

First, set the settings so that only “YOU” can edit it, if necessary. Second, set it so that everyone can edit it.

See already how powerful this is (laughing)?

It’s a no-brainer!

Yes, you can edit other person’s content yourself …for free! And without getting caught while doing it.

This literally sounds to everyone as stealing! But, actually, absolutely legit to do.

But, Hey, Where And How Do I Edit Those HTML Links?

Chill! It’s so easy to get a backlink from Wikispaces editing other people’s content that even a kid could “crack it”.

The process is very easy and straightforward.

It goes like this:

1.Let’s say you’re in the “acai berry” niche or “weight loss” niche or something.

2. You’ll need to know this sneaky little search string (store it in a notepad.txt file):

acai berry -protected -inurl:tag site:wikispaces.com

Note: the “-protected” means that it’s not restricted to edit wikispaces pages; “-inurl:tag” means that you want search results which contain the keyword in the url/title tag/ description; “site: wikispaces.com” – you want to show only results inside the Wikispaces.com domain.

3.  After you put this code into the Google’s search bar, you should get some cool wikispaces.

On this day, when I’m writing this article, I get a 3rd search result:

“acaiberryyz – home


23 Jul 2011 – Who else wishes to uncover genuine acai berry reviews that are not ripoffs, fakes or hoaxes? If you are something like the large vast …”

4. When you’ve clicked on the 3rd result, you should see the http://acaiberryyz.wikispaces.com/. This is the text (the article) you want to edit to get those juicy backlinks.

5. Now, there are, obviously, many words contained in the article. So, you create many HTML links too.

It’s easy. Click the “EDIT” tab on the upper right corner. Simply, choose a certain KW (say “acai berry”) and hyperlink it. Anything you like.

6. Damn it! You can even add other words you like, delete it (wouldn’t advise it).

7. You’re done!

See, I Told You It Was Easy

You can get a powerful backlink putting almost NO EFFORT into it.

But, just between us, don’t be too evil.

Don’t delete other person’s content. Okay, you can add something worthy and hyperlink it or hyperlink the existing stuff. Also, be mindful with this strategy.

You want to get max 2 links from one wikispace. Otherwise, it becomes too noticeable.

Just to know: “You don’t harm too much the person in any way doing this “secret” SEO strategy because one or two links don’t mean much (in most cases). Unless you delete the person’s content links, you’re ethical and safe”

Yeah, I strongly suggest you try this little SEO strategy out for yourself. As always, remember, take action if you want to see some dramatic results!

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