In this quick post I simply want to share couple great resources for any blogger interested to improve their blog Search Engine Position by a notch or two (and show me who isn’t) ….

  • The Blogger’s Guide to SEO – by Aaron & Giovanna Wall. While more advanced bloggers might not discovered too much new in this guide I personally like it as a reference material. Written by a well recognized blogger this guide provides all the major steps you need to cover with your blog in a very convenient format.
  • WordPress SEO Masterclass For Competitive Niches by Andy Beard in my opinion is a lot more advanced guide that takes one site and walks through improving its rank. Andy does a great job in this post covering multiple linking strategy that are very advanced and provides you with a great tools freely available to make your own calculations. This is one of the most in depth blog SE optimization articles I have see in a while and a great read.

That’s it for now …