There are many arguments on importance of page rank to your blog but the fact still remains – higher your page rank, more chances you have to monetize your blog. It is not something we need to agree or disagree on as it is simple statement of facts. Unfortunately Page rank is still considered one single most important factor that affects your earnings, especially for a blog.

Don’t believe me? Try signing up with ReveiwMe, TextLinkAds or PayPerPost programs … page rank of your blog is most surely taken into consideration. In fact this very blog is a victim of that. It has been discussed on several prominent blogs that Google has stopped updating Page Rank, at least the way we see it represented in our browser Google PR indicators. A few days ago I read an article on Yaro’s blog that they might be resuming updates but personally I highly doubt it, as my blog is coming into its 6th moth and still No Page Rank!

But I also think they have something else cooking for blog ranking and here is why …

First of all I don’t think Google completely discontinued the Page Rank as a method to determine the importance of your site or blog and I base it on simple facts:

  • I still rank well for my chosen keywords in Google Search results, even though my PR indicator shows No Rank or 0
  • According to Google Webmaster Tools they still keep the score of PageRank of your pages. Just visit the Webmaster Tools->Statistics->Crawl Stats to see where you stand
  • Whenever I publish new post targeting long tale keywords I manage to hit first page of Search results very easily

But those are just the indicators of what is and I actually want to discuss of what is possibly coming …

Blogs are continue to gain popularity and Google very well recognizes it. Riding the wave they have beefed up their RSS Reader with some new features and continue to add to it. Most recent addition that I have personally noticed is ability to browse and then subscribe to group of feeds they recommend based on topic. Pretty nice if you want to stay abreast of recent developments. But it only shows one thing – they pay attention to RSS subscriptions.

In fact, they do a lot more then simply pay attention!

If you actively participate in web development community you remember an acquisition of FeedBurner by Google a little while back. In one move they got access to a huge database of information directly related to blog readers, our habits and patterns. They gained access to a information that describes ever growing population of Blog Readers/Subscribers! And yes, I put emphasis on it for one simple reason – that information could be absolutely priceless for someone determined to establish …

– What Content Is Most Relevant In each Topic –

… based on solid knowledge of subscribing habits, retention, time on site and such. This knowledge alone can help them greatly to determine relevance of the specific blog post to search conducted on their pages.

And guess what? A few weeks ago I have noticed a new addition to my Webmaster ToolsSubscriber Stats. I guess purchase of FeedBurner didn’t go to nothing, huh?

What Am I leading To?

With Google been constantly manipulated and adjusting to provide most relevant search results to people that conduct search and popularity that blogs gain due to interactivity they provide, I think we will see some changes … at least to how Google will start ranking our blog content. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking but who knows …

After all, to continue lead innovation big G needs to come up with a solid way to determine what content is most relevant to search and what better way to do it then use opinion of the active readers?

Purchase of one of the most popular feed management services, change to their own RSS reader and new additions in Webmaster Tools lead me to believe that they are looking in a way to use all that data that comes from most active population of Internet readers to determine popularity and relevance of content. Could I be wrong in second guessing their intents ? Absolutely!

But hey, its a wishful thinking and attempt to explain my own blog non-existent Page Rank 🙂

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