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Blog Commenting For One Way Links

Blogs are created for successful link building campaign. It is a LOT simpler to get incoming links with your blog then with a standard static HTML site and in this part of our One Way Link Building series we will discuss in details few ways you can build incoming links to your blog via Commenting.

Or rather 3 variants of one strategy that should help you get solid results and while a bit time consuming – it will reward you for the effort! Your blog being a natural part of the whole Web 2.0 phenomena fits right into the social marketing space and communication and interaction with other bloggers is huge part of that marketing. And one that can also be very rewarding, but that is what we will discuss!

Commenting On DoFollow Blogs

While it is most beneficial for you to have incoming links from blogs at least semantically related in topic – truth is – incoming link is an incoming link! It will still count toward your authority and leak the Page Rank to you as long as it is coming from a page that already has a stable PR or has a chance of getting one.

And here is what I mean – take a look at main blog page – if it is has at least PR3 according to Google, chances are unique content on that blog will be ranked at least 2 with time, so its worth commenting on it for the link building campaign. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comment on blogs that have low page rank on home page but rather with my time constrains I find it most effective to comment ONLY on blogs with PR3 or more when I do it for link building (normal social interaction doesn’t fall into this rule and I comment on any blog).

There are a few places you can find listings of DoFollow blogs and here are couple for you:

I recommend you start your campaign with commenting on blogs that write on similar or related topics and then expand. You want to have incoming links from as many places as possible.

TIP: How To Comment Effectively And Get Proper Back Link

As someone who sends quite a few comments to SPAM each and every day just because people failed to read the Comment Guidelines I can share a few tips to help you get the links you want:

  1. Don’t Use Keywords instead of Name, unless the author EXPLICITLY allows it. If there is no comments guidelines and If you see whole bunch of approved comments with keywords instead of name – then go ahead and do it it. I guess that blog owner don’t really care and approves them – otherwise stay away from doing it, as you have more chances end up in Akismet SPAM then been approved. People Talk To People not to “SEO Expert Blog”! I delete comments from those “experts” A LOT FASTER then they can comment on my blog – idiocy is punishable in this case!
  2. Provide a comment that actually adds to conversation. Do take time to write actual comment that relates to the article – don’t waste your time on writing “great article”, “your are awesome”, “bookmarked this post” – flattery will not work on more popular blogs as his author gets plenty of comments on each post and will not approve such garbage just to have comment on that post! Add Value With Your Comment and you will get on good side of the blogger. I love the conversation and will approve ANY post that adds to it, even if it is completely against my own belief.
  3. Link Out but don’t overdo it. Yes, you can link out from your comment to your own post and it will be approved AS LONG AS that link naturally flows from your comment and provides additional value to the readers of the post! For example: if a blog post is about a dog food and you have on your blog a post that talks how some dog food is better for a specific dog breed – you can comment and that post and then at the end of your comment do a link to your own blog post stating something to the effect: “I have done a detailed analysis on what dog food works better for German Shepherd and you can read more details here – <a href=””>Dog Food For German Shepherd</a> “- that gives you an incoming One Way link from related site with YOUR anchor tags and as long as it really adds to conversation – it will get approved!
  4. Read Comments Guidelines. I know those are not available on every blog but when they are – do take time to actually read them. Its amazing how many comments go into SPAM simply because its author failed to read it. It only takes one click for me to SPAM the comments if its author was too lazy to read the guidelines on my blog.
  5. Create Your Own List Of Related Blogs. Once you find blogs that give you good link juice and approve your comment – do go back once in a while. Comments are conversations and been part of the conversation makes you noticeable. Once you begin commenting on regular bases – you have a chance that the blog author will link out to you naturally from article.

Looking For DoFollow KeywordLuv

This strategy is slightly more advanced and requires that you perform a search for the blogs that use KeywordLuv plugin, be aware that that this is constantly changing list. For example – my blog used to use the plugin but was discontinued due to SPAM abuse.

Now a bit more on this strategy:

Do a Google Search on “dofollow keywordluv list” – this will give you quite a few results of blogs that use KeywordLuv plugin and DoFollow.

Now simply go to those blogs and comment. And to explain what the KeywordLuv plugin does: it allows you to leave a comment and add your keywords to your name, then those keywords will be hyper linked to your blog. Superb Way to get One Way Links with Your Anchor tag. You can read more on this strategy in my previous post

Looking For DoFollow CommentLuv

I love CommentLuv plugin for the options it provides. Andy Bailey has created a virtual revolution by developing this plugin and now he took even farther and created entire portal that help you benefit from the plugin even more.

Taking advantage of this strategy is very similar to KeywordLuv – simply Google “dofollow commentluv list” and you will get quite a few results.

And if you are really interested to learn how to use CommentLuv commenting strategy most effectively – Do Read my prevuious post

I have really described all you need to know about it in post above.

Summary Of Link Building With Comments

I have just shown you 3 different ways to effectively build incoming one way links to your blog. Nothing boosts your blog popularity as much as incoming links and using what I have described will help you give great boost to authority status – do it consistently and you will see results!

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43 Responses to “Blog Commenting For One Way Links”

  1. Derek Anders says:

    This is a great piece of information. Commenting on other blogs is a great link building technique that I have been using for a while now and it is working great. Adding to the conversation of the article you are commenting on is something that everyone should do anyway, but especially when you are trying to promote your own blog. Keep up the great work!

    Derek Anderss last blog post..Got Traffic? How to keep them coming back

  2. Andy says:

    Hi Alex,
    Just found your blog tonight. It looks like it has really good information and I am going to RSS feed it. On the subject of the post, How long should it be after I comment in a do follow blog that the link will show up when I look at my links? I have 3 PR0 blogs and have been doing comments but I don’t seem to see the links. Maybe I am doing something wrong?
    What percentage of links would you suggest should be from blog comments?
    Thank you for any help you can give and I will continue to visit your blog.

    Andys last blog post..To sign a MLM Network Marketing Lead, Focus On Their Wants

  3. AndyW says:

    That reads like quite a good introduction to commenting for backlinks to me, although your practice of only commenting on blogs with a PageRank of three or more seems too strict, especially as it’s best to stick to your niche meaning that there is a limited supply of these types of “dofollow” blogs.

    There are two reasons why you should stick to the guidelines above.

    1. It’s good etiquette. Just because you are in cyberspace doesn’t mean you have to lose your manners and be disrespectful to the owner of the blog you are commenting on.

    2. If your comments are blacklisted as spam by a blog owner you could also as well find yourself blacklisted by popular anti-spam addons like Akismet or Mollom. This means that from thereon in your comments to any blog using this software will be automatically thrown into the spam bin. You are then dependent on the owner of blog going through their spam bin, finding your post and then “despamming” it – most owners don’t bother checking their spam bin.

    Also, advice to blog owners you don’t use dofollow:

    Read Comments Guidelines, as point number four states – but make sure you put your comment guidelines where a commenter can read them. That means ABOVE THE COMMENT AREA NOT ON A SEPARATE PAGE.

    Do you see the clear instructions on this site – that’s where you put them.

    Look at where the instructions are on the blog of my site – that’s where you put them

    Don’t get upset with commentators about breaking your particular rules if you don’t place these rules in a clear place.

    Andy @ DoFollow 001

  4. Dennis Edell says:

    Excellent tips Alex. I too am going to start enforcing my comment policy.

    Dennis Edells last blog post..Only 5 Days Left To Sponsor The *Best Blog Review* Blog Contest!

  5. Luca says:

    This is great info but I’m a little confused do I need to install Comment Love and Dofollow or does Comment love also take out the nofollow from comments.
    I noticed that you are using Lucia Linky Love – is that differenet than Comment Luv
    Thanks for your post

    • TheSpotter says:


      Lucia Linky Love controls DoFollow properties for links on my blog. Once you have 3 approved comments – it will make your links DoFollow. This is to protect from spammers and still reward commenters.

      CommentLuv is a different functionality – it adds link from you latest post with Title as anchor, DoFollow if you have 3 approved comments.

      Just a reward system to people who read and comment on my blog.

  6. Susan says:

    It’s always great to follow the rule, of treat others as how you would like to be treated. Use that way of thinking in your blog commenting and you won’t be marked as spam!

    Susans last blog post..SEO Basics

  7. Angel says:

    I was looking for a way to find do follow blogs and got yours at
    Now I find your shared information very helpful, I’m subscribing by email.

    Angels last blog post..Free Amazing Tools to Skyrocket Your Blog/Website Traffic

  8. When you write about link commenting it’s good to mention top commentators plugin. Usually it gives you sitewide link on all your blog pages. Normally it’s for a month but sometimes link stays a little longer.

    You have to write more than 1 comment so it’s like LuciaLinkyLove plugin but requires users to visit your site regularly.

  9. Alex, this is great content. I first came across your blog a few weeks ago and added you to my Google Reader list. Linkbuilding is such a fascinating topic – and one that continually fails to catch on with many folks in my industry (Real Estate and Mortgage Finance.)

    SEO as it pertains to Real Estate is a huge topic right now. I’d love to interview you sometime on this topic as a means of getting the word out. I imagine you’d have a captive audience with the RE Blogging crowd!

    Kevin Sandridges last blog post..So, Why is a Florida Mortgage Broker Blogging Anyway?

  10. bill says:

    Couldn’t resist the urge to comment on this thread, since the subject matter almost dares you to 🙂

    This site has CommentLuv, but readers may also want to know that some blogs have enabled another plugin called KeywordLuv. That one allows you to use something like joe@list of keywords here as a username, and formats it so that the keywords aren’t as distracting and in the way.

    Note that doesn’t appreciate keywords in the Name field though…

    bills last blog post..Prepay your loan interest and save thousands on debt

  11. Angel says:

    I was starting my blog commenting campaign and started using firefox SEO extension to verify dofollow blogs. I used to look for interesting posts. What confused me is that I began to see CommentLuv enabled sites with nofollow links being highlighted in red by seo firefox. Looking for an answer, I went back to this post and understood better.
    So one needs to make 3 approved comments for his link to be a dofollow one.

    Angels last blog post..Free Amazing Tools to Skyrocket Your Blog/Website Traffic

  12. >>What confused me is that I began to see CommentLuv enabled sites with nofollow links being highlighted in red by seo firefox. Looking for an answer, I went back to this post and understood better.<<

    Angel, I think we’re looking at 2 different things. CommentLUV does not in itself remove “no follow” tags. Lucia’s Link Love – or a similar plugin – would need to be added to make the solution work as you’ve outlined.

    For this site, as with my Florida Mortgage Blogger website, it is Lucia’s Link Love that sets the minimum number of replies at say, 3, before “no follow” tags are removed. Prior to the 3rd comment, even the CommentLuv links remain “no follow.”

    Alex – is this correct?

    Kevin Sandridges last blog post..Help Make Christmas (for) “Purdy” This Holiday Season

  13. Arno Lenen says:

    I’ve read in a few places that links by commenting on blogs will not give much ‘juice’ to your site. There seems to be some disagreement in the SEO world around this subject. Is it true?

    (I’m going to read the article marketing for one way links article too, thanks for the great info)

    Arno Lenens last blog post..zakelijk lenen

  14. Alex, thanks so much for reminding me about fixing my Feedburner settings. I agree completely – link juice means a WHOLE LOT MORE than the stats I see on FB! 🙂

    Kevin Sandridges last blog post..The Ultimate Florida Real Estate and Mortgage “Yule” Blog Roll…

  15. brandon says:

    This is a great post. Thanks!

    brandons last blog post..Article Marketing for SEO and Building Links