Blog carnivals is perhaps one of the most underused methods and yet – one of the very effective ways to Build One Way Links for FREE. I don’t know about you but incoming link is an incoming link and taking a few minutes to do some simple submissions in my book is VERY EFFECTIVE way to build your blog authority.

Before you agree or disagree – consider this… Just 1 post submitted to 5 blog carnivals each week gives you 5×4=20 incoming links with Full SEO juice and if your post title was written right – with keywords of your choice! It gets even better – those are One Way Links from content and deep linking to a post of your choosing!

Whether this strategy will be as effective for every type of blog or not remains to be seen but it is well worth to take 30 minutes each week, try the process for a month and if it doesn’t work for you – move to different strategy! Outside of 2 hours of total time investment you lose nothing!

And to measure effectiveness of the strategy – please use the tools we have discussed in the first part of this series – One Way Link Building For Bloggers.

Locate Blog Carnivals Related To Your Niche

Power of using blog carnivals lies in the fact that it gives you incoming link from within the RELEVANT content and will help you boost your Technorati rank as well as Google rankings, if done right!

I use Blog Carnival to locate the editions of Blog Carnivals organized by other bloggers that related to the content of my blog or the content of my post!

Just because the general content of the blog that runs the carnival you are submitting to is not very related to yours – it don’t matter! You might have a post or WRITE a post that you can submit to semi-related carnivals since that individual post WILL be related to the theme of that carnival!

An example: lets assume your blog is about “make money blogging”, seems like popular topic… Also let’s assume there are only so many carnivals you can submit to without spamming them. What do you do to continue building links using this strategy?

How About Personal Development And Motivation Topics? You can write a post that might sound like “How To Say Motivated To Make Money Blogging”. It will confirm to both your general topic and the requirements of the carnival!

Google sees the content of the individual post your link is coming from and not just the content of the whole blog!

While Blog carnival has many editions listed – you got to verify them before wasting your time on submissions! Some were started and abandoned!

Verify they actually do active postings and create a list of blog carnivals!

I personally like to create an A-List and B-List. And by that I mean I simply have a text file that lists blog carnivals I have verified and know that accept my posts. I simply separate A and B based on how they are related to my main niche topic!

I also recommend you note for yourself the frequency of the Carnivals Editions! Some are every week, some bi-weekly and some are once a month! Submitting too many posts to same carnival can get you banned, so keeping track of submissions is important!

Set Schedule For Blog carnival Submission And Follow It

For this strategy to work – you need to follow it. An obvious reminder but it needs to be made. I know I have set a schedule for myself to go and submit my blog posts to carnival and STILL fail to follow it. Perhaps it is simply a personal disorganization or perhaps time limitations but at the end it doesn’t matter.

So I ask of you to at least for the first month that you will test this strategy you set yourself a schedule and follow it! Nothing elaborate, once a week for 30 minutes will do.

  • Create your baseline using tool discussed in first part of this series.
  • Pick your best post for the week that is also Search Engine Optimized for one of your target key phrases
  • Submit to at least 5 carnivals each week.
  • Record where and when submitted, luckily Blog Carnivals will send you an email as long as you have used correct email in submission form.
  • Rinse and repeat weekly.
  • Verify your results against baseline and decide if process will work for you!

See a submission form below. Important: be sure to read the Blog carnival Guidelines to ensure you don’t waste your effort.

BONUS TIP: Remarks is one part that will go after your link and title on the blog carnival post. As someone who runs one of the blog carnivals I can tell you that 75% of submissions fail to add meaningful content there.

Make This Part an AD For Your Blog Post To Steal Traffic!

This is one of the simplest ways to make your blog post stand out from the rest and be actually appreciated by the host! Make your post stand out from the rest of the submissions, grab readers interest and you get to benefit from Not Only Incoming Link but also Traffic from the host blog!

And if you are interested -watch the video tutorial I have created on the topic a few month ago but still relevant!

Enjoy and be sure to subsribe to RSS Feed to Not Miss other parts of the series.