Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of several factors.

It can only produce results if the connecting factors are in agreement. Social media marketing is a term that’s common in today’s marketing world. A lot of people don’t really understand how optimizing a webpage to be more social, can affect the ranking of such page.

What impact has SMM on SEO?

Read on to get the full gist and I’m going to explain the best ways to make it work. This article is simple to read, practical and relevant to your business. After reading this post, you’ll know what you’re doing right or wrong and make adjustments where necessary.

The Whole Essence Of Web Marketing

One of the benefits of doing business online is to make money, but that’s not the essence. The ‘real’ reason why we all started marketing online is because there is a need to be met.

The need is hot, and a group of people were and are still desperate to get answers. Making money from your online ventures is cool, but is that why you started out in the first instance?

You’re here to meet a need, fulfill a desire and help someone become better – which is why your contents must first interest readers and prospects, before Google spiders can rank the page. So, the contents you put out there must be “VALUABLE” or else, you’re wasting precious time in your business.
Now, here are simple ways social media marketing impacts search engine optimization:

1. Communication

The first thing Google look-out for in any webpage is how communicable it is. Did you succeed in getting people to talk about your article? You might wonder how Google tracks this, but believe me; they’ve special scripts and settings to detect if your readers are ‘talking.’

Until they talk about it, Google will not deem your page suitable and relevant for future searches. Social media marketing first and foremost is a platform for communication.

The major reason why people joined Facebook was because they wanted to relate, communicate and share their opinions with like minds. If you can get people to share your posts, that’s a form of communication and Google will take note of this and serve your page to targeted readers when they search online.

2. It Creates Engagement

How much time did you spend on Facebook the last time you logged in? Recent studies show that a typical Facebook user spends at least 5 minutes, commenting, sharing and connecting with friends and making new ones. If you can get people to stay on your blog for 5 minutes or more, that’s a huge ‘plus’ on your search engine influence.

You need to engage people and there is no other way to achieve that than with social media marketing. If you can offer a valuable content that’s what talking about, and get people to share with friends and make citations to it, you’ll engage targeted readers easily. Google updates are driving towards building a more engaged web – are you a part of it?

Google definitely knows why this is important – when people are engaged, it means they are happy with what they’re reading. For instance, if a particular ‘news story’ interests you, do you leave the page or read further to get the nitty-gritty?

SEO Takeaway

Bloggers, webmasters and internet entrepreneurs fail to rank highly on major search engines, because, their contents are half-baked, focusing on keywords rather than answering questions asked by prospects.

But when you plan your next content and make it engaging and communicable, ranking on Google top 10 would be fun and worthwhile. Let the tips above guide you to the top.

About the Author: Michael Chibuzor has written for quick sprout and also runs a Content marketing blog. He’s a creative freelance writer helping small businesses experience a meteoric growth. This post is a part of his 3-week series on search engine optimization.