This guest post is written by Dave Wooding, blogger and a programmer of LinkingPress, new service designed to help you link building process on autopilot.

If you are blogger who is serious about improving your search engine rankings, then you have probably spent a good chunk of time getting backlinks to your blog.

Spending time on acquiring those valuable backlinks that work wonders for your search engine rankings can be a full time job.  What if you could do a little work up front to guarantee a steady stream of relevant backlinks to you blog, would you do like that?


Let me introduce you to Linkingpress, the WordPress backlink plugin that delivers relevant, non-reciprocating backlinks to your WordPress blog over time on autopilot.

Get Started.

Download Linkingpress. Unzip to your computer.  Upload to your WordPress plugin directory and activate.  Click on options.  Fill in the details.  Done.

O.K., there is a little more to it than just that, but really, there isn’t much more.

Downloading and installing Linkingpress is just like most WordPress plugins, you upload the plugin to your plugin directory and activate.

You’ll need to provide some basic information starting with a name for your Linkingpress link’s page.  Note well, if your blog has other plugins that control which pages get displayed, you will need to make sure there is a visible link on your home page to your Linkingpress link’s page, otherwise the link page will never update.

Next, decide if you want to give and receive links from related sites only or not.  We can debate the value of related sites only versus not; instead, you decide what type of links are appropriate for your blog.  As you might suspect, there will likely be more blogs that are giving and receiving links that are not necessarily in the same category.

For categories, the choices are similar to the top level DMOZ categories.

Next, on to the keywords.  What are the keyword phrases that best represent your WordPress blog?  Provide three different keyword phrases that you would like to use as anchor text in the description about your blog.

Here comes the important part – the part that some people seem to miss.  You have a precious 255 characters to use that describes your blog.  Use them well and make sure you include your exact keywords in the description.

Let me say that again.

Make sure your description includes the three keyword phrases you provided, exactly.

When a partner’s Linkingpress plugin serves up a description about your blog, the plugin will read your description and check to see if your keywords are included.  If the plugin finds a match, then your keyword phrase is hyperlinked back to your domain.  If it doesn’t find a match, then you missed out.  A description will still get placed on the links page, but no outgoing links for your site will be provided.


Know that all of this information can be changed at any time.  It might take 24 hours for details to update on partner’s link page, but the changes can be made at anytime, regardless.

Now is as good a time as any to mention that Linkingpress is a user moderated plugin. Make an effort to provide an appropriate description and keywords about your blog.  You and your fellow plugin users have the option of rejecting whichever sites you want that are either linking in or linking out.  Get rejected by too many other blogs and you won’t be receiving or giving backlinks.  Enough said.

Here’s how it works

Starting with your blog – Linkingpress will add one outgoing link on your blog’s link page everytime your link’s page is visited and at least 24 hours have passed since the page was last updated.  If your blog is a popular blog, and the links page gets visited on a consistent basis by regular visitors or search engine bots looking for fresh content, then you can expect that a new outgoing link will appear on your link’s page on a daily basis.

On the other hand, if your site is not very popular yet, more time might pass before more outgoing links are added to your link’s page.  How frequently links are added depends on how often your links page is visited.

For example, if your links page was updated at noon on Tuesday, the earliest that another link will be added is on Wednesday at noon.

The same applies to your potential link partner’s blogs.

Tell me more

Remember those three keyword phrases you provided?  Not all of them get linked every time your description is displayed.  There is a little math being done in the background that determines which of your three links are displayed.  There will never be all three keywords hyperlinked; either one or two of your keywords will be hyperlinked.

Over time, you can expect that your blog will give and receive an equal number of backlinks with approximately a third of the links going to one of your keyword phrases, a third going to your second keyword phrase, a third going to your third keyword phrase …

This plugin is not for the impatient.  There might be days that pass before you receive a new backlink, and there might be days when you get multiple links to your blog.  It all depends on how frequently Linkingpress link’s pages are visited.

If you are looking for an automated method of receiving relevant, contextual backlinks to your WordPress blog, install the Linkingpress backlink plugin on your self hosted WordPress blog.