Article Marketing is one of the best and most affordable ways for one way link building campaign. It combines all the benefits of one way backlinks and cost you nothing more then time involved to write article and the time it will take to submit them to article directories.

In this post I’m Not going to teach you How To Do Article Marketing. There are people a lot more qualified then me to do that but rather outline some points of Article Marketing as it applies for SEO purposes we care about and point out a few places you might want to get started with.

Why Article Marketing?

Reasons are actually quite simple as Article Marketing provides us with all 3 main benefits I have outlined in part one of this series:

  • DoFollow One Way Link;
  • Backlink from a Content Page;
  • Your Keywords As Anchor Text.

As an article author you are provided with a “right” to add “About Author” at the end of each article you post. This is where you can implement your Anchor Keywords hyper linked to your Blog or Site with DoFollow attributes.

Properly written article, based on research you perhaps previously done for one of your blog posts (yes, you can re-purpose old content) can also help you generate some traffic to your blog. Just be sure that your About Author section contains a promise that will entice the reader.

One benefit I have seen overlooked by many is using Article Submission for establishing your authority on the subject. We all know that a One Way link coming from Content Semantically Related to your main topic AND with proper anchor keywords helps you to rank better in Google, get higher authority status.

TIP: Write an article using your secondary keywords, so you don’t compete with yourself and submit it to Article Directories. This way you get exactly what you wanted – one way link from content on the subject and yet not competing with your main site in SERP’s. It will become important as article directories publish your article and also when other webmaster pick it up for re-publishing.

A Very Simple and Absolutely FREE way to get incoming links!

Where To Start With Article Marketing

While there are more article directories then I care to even read about – I want to share what I have personally found worked well for me for SEO purposes. Some might disagree with information I share here but hey, it works for me and that is all I can say!

1. Ezine Articles

I know that there has been some controversy lately about the rules this Article Directory enforces and its effectiveness but in my experience – articles submitted to this directory perform well for both SEO and incoming traffic reasons and I recommend you at least investigate the option for yourself.

2. Associated Content

Another great place to submit articles. It gives you an option to get paid for your submitted article but also to submit one without pay for the SEO benefits, including your own links. Choose what works for you but since we are talking about SEO here, I can tell you that articles submitted to this directory tend to rank well in Google.

3. iSnare Articles

Offers a free submission but I personally use them as Article Distribution service and that is what I recommend you do too! And what it simply means – you can purchase distribution credits ($10 for 5 articles) and it gives you ability to include appropriate html code in About Author section for the keywords but its main benefit:

Huge Time Saver

Granted you can use manual article submission, some article distribution software but in my experience it is still time consuming. By paying $10 I get an easy way to distribute articles to hundreds content sites and other article directories. Rather cheap and simple option for incoming links!

Yeah, I’m lazy and this service allows me to enjoy it! 😈

4. Google Knol

New service, still in Beta but I recommend you post your Articles here as content. And reason simple – while I have no proof that it will help you in rankings – it is service by Google and most definitely it will not hurt. Who knows what priority Google will give later to the content in this section and getting started now is most beneficial for you.

5. Hub Pages

Yeah, I know everyone is telling you about them but have you done anything about it? Do you have a hub or two that has content related to your main topic and with links pointing to you? One thing though – your hub has to score 70+ on their rating in order for links to become DoFollow.

So, write better content, optimize it and you will get rewarded with Oneway DoFollow Link from content pages.

And to help you score better, here is quote I got from one of the Hub moderators:

1) We apply a “nofollow” tag to links in hubs with a score under 50.
2) We apply a “nofollow” tag to links from hubbers with a personal score under 75.

This is to screen out any blatant spam or users coming in just to drop links without contributing to the community. It’s easier than people seem to believe to maintain these two standards, simply by writing original content and sticking to the rules (no outbound links on content duplicated elsewhere, no more than 2 links to a single domain per hub.

6. Squidoo Lenses

Squidoo lenses is another great source of getting one way link. I think they follow same guidelines as Hub pages so be mindful when creating content there. Also with blog 0- you can add RSS Feed and those links are DoFollow 🙂

I do have to admit that when it comes to Hubs and Squidoo Lenses I’m not doing too well and if you are looking more info on properly writing for publishing there – look for more in depth info before you start submitting. It will be well worth the time investment.


Article marketing is very effective and what perhaps most important to many people whoc are just starting – FREE way to get incoming links! And although I highly recommend you have a second look at iSnare article distribution services – it is optional. You can find a huge number of article directories to submit your artickle to absolutely free, if you got the time to invest.