What’s your current alexa ranking?

I actually increased my alexa ranking from 1,028,747 to 240,873 in just 2 months. When I shared the strategies I used with my network of bloggers, they were thrilled.

Right in this post, I want to show you how to boost your own position. One thing is certain; your alexa level will surely affect every search engine marketing endeavors you take.

To attract high paying advertisers on your blog, the first thing they check for is your aforementioned ranking number. No matter your level right now, you can enhance it in 30 days by following my proven strategies.

1. Check your Ranking

Do you know that the first step to get started is to check your alexa ranking? Yes, it’s very powerful. Go right ahead to the homepage of this analytics site and type in your domain name. Please don’t put (http://).

Why are you checking this?

The answer is simple. You want to add your URL to their index page. It works in similar way as Google. Before you can drive free traffic & improve your pagerank, you need to get indexed first. Once in 7 days, it’s vital that you check your ranking in order to re-alert alexa-search spider that you still exist.

2. Interlink Your Inner Posts

Whenever you make new post on your blog, find relevant keywords and use them as an anchor to your inner pages and posts.

This would help strengthen the links, and create a channel for strong search engine link-potent which gives you quality results. Even when you guest post, find a way to link back to your inner pages, from the content of the article.

Interlinking works to help position your link building process and yield massive results.

3. Keep Your Blog Fresh

I made a great discovery about a week ago, whenever I publish fresh blog posts consistently for 7 days, my alexa ranking increased. When I post few times per week, I see little or no change on my ranking.

Here is what I deduce: Keep your blog fresh with quality contents. If you can’t keep up with daily posts, then make sure you post only detailed articles of about 800 words (min.). This would definitely supplement for any day you didn’t publish.

This strategy has really helped my coupon blog, where I share free 6pm.com discounts and sittercity coupon codes, my ranking is enhanced and made stronger every passing day.

4. Use Stats Websites

Alexa.com is a statistics site that measures and tracks web pages. But there is a nexus between all statistics niche sites. If you can get your web page into one of their database, it would be distributed across several portals.

Sites like cubestat.com, statbrain.com etc can help you increase your Alexa ranking easily. They are also source of quality backlink syndication and come with no monetary investment. Do take advantage of it.

5. Comment On Authority Sites

It doesn’t matter if the site you commented is do-follow or not, your concern is to get your link and anchor on that site. There are several sites that are seen as the go-for-all when it comes to certain topics.

When it’s time for news, CNN.com is the best bet. If you can get your link right inside their database, rest assured of some juicy reward from Alexa.

Some technology blogs like Techcrunch, Mashable and Engadgets are great blogs where your links count; even though it’s no-follow.

There you’ve it, the 5 amazing strategies to boost your ranking with this powerful search engine monitoring site.

Knowing does not bring results, it’s the action you take after reading this post that makes the difference. Take action today and meet me at the top – will you?

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