If you are looking for an exciting career in the internet environment it is highly likely that you have come across the search engine optimization (SEO) industry. The fact that millions of websites are being built and most of them are not making any revenues online means SEO specialists are highly in demand. In essence, an SEO specialist ensures a website is visible on search engine result pages (SERPs) using a variety of techniques. This is one of the most important industries that have been spawned by the internet marketing platform.

Initially anyone with some computer skills could claim to be an SEO specialist but most website owners are now looking for people with the relevant experience and technical expertise. With the updates of Google algorithms website owners are wary of employing people who might deploy SEO techniques that are against Webmaster Guidelines.

If you are looking to build a credible career as an SEO strategist here are some easy tips you can follow to see your career blossom:

  1. Stick to Originality Rules

Whether you are working on your website or a client’s site it is important to appreciate the importance of adhering to originality. One of the greatest concerns over the last 6 to 7 years in online marketing has been duplication of content and this is what has led to more stringent Google algorithms. You should avoid republishing content from other sites and instead strive for originality. If you don’t have content creation skills it is important to alert your client before you outsource because they might even provide better guidelines for the same.

  1. Get Certified

An SEO expert is not just anyone with some IT background. In fact this has been one reason most website owners have been complaining about scams. Many SEO experts will approach a client and sell their HTML background but when it comes to actually applying the SEO techniques the work will be outsourced out of the country. This eventually leads to application of black hat techniques which hurt a client’s ranking on SERPs. It is important to keep upgrading your technical skills and get certified by a credible SEO organization as this proves that you actually understand the trends and rules that govern the industry.

  1. Leverage Communication

Like in any other contract there is need to regularly communicate and stay in touch with your clients. An SEO works behind the scenes and it is important to appreciate that your client will require constant updates about what is going on. As such create an open-channel of communication and always provide detailed reports about what is being done to the website. Before signing the contract ensure the client fully understands the pricing agreement and any caveat in case things change during the project.

  1. Don’t Overpromise

Most website owners are desperately in need of better ranking and this is one reason so many SEO scams have cropped up. However, if you want to grow your reputation provide a realistic take on what to expect.  An SEO project will not show results in 24 hours a most SEOs promise and you should stay away from such strategies. It is important to explain to your client what to expect and the duration within which these results are to be expected.  Better still, have a clear evaluation tool to monitor the progress of the SEO campaign to avoid disagreements in future.

  1. Use A Plethora Of SEO Tools

The days when link wheels and spammy links could earn you better ranking on SERPs are long gone. In fact Google Penguin is now working real-time meaning websites are being indexed regularly. It is important to use a comprehensive approach to SEO both in on-page and off-page optimization. This is the only way to guarantee better results without falling foul of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Other techniques to consider include web audit, site architecture, link building, SEO integration, site speed optimization, responsive web, keyword research, voice search optimization, mobile app development, content creation and management among others.

There are many free and premium SEO tools that you can leverage to promote your work. These help you in keyword research, web health checks, content management, social media management, load speed optimization and much more. Go on and start building your SEO career by staying on the right side of Google Webmaster Guidelines and also using SEO tools available online.

Author Bio :- Evans Walsh is a freelance content writer. He has written many good and informative articles on different categories such as technology, health, fashion, beauty, education, career, travel etc. He is very responsible towards her job. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.