Link building only works if you write content quality for your blog or website. Oh yes, you could theoretically slap up a crappy black hat blog and pray that Google will never discover it. In reality, they most often will and all your hard work would have been done in vain.

What many black hatters do is go for the kill. They milk the site for what it’s worth and then move on to the next. To me, this is wasted energy, no matter what you say. I think it will be way smarter to roll back the sleeves and then get to work in an earnest fashion.

Incoming site links are the most important aspect in ranking your site high on the SERPS. When you first start ranking, you will be at the very end. Unless of course you can write SEO related content. But even then this isn’t worth much without any incoming links.

There are a lot of ways you can get links to your site, covering all of these would go beyond the scope of this post. Most websites and blogs get links naturally. If you write great content, other people will link to you, regardless of the size and age of your site.

Article distribution

Article distribution can be a very powerful link building campaign. You simply choose one or several article directory sites like Ezine Articles, sign up and start submitting your articles.

The key here is to stay on topic and write relevant articles to your niche. The more informative and helpful those articles are, the higher the chances of getting picked up. Once Ezine Articles approves and publishes your article, other webmasters, ezine owners (online newsletter distributors) and blog owners can pick your article and use it on their site. Every time this happens, you will get one way links to your site.

This works because you have a resource box at your disposal which gets displayed with your articles. This resource box preferably contains a couple of links to your site and some information about you. The more interesting your resource box sounds, the more people will click through and visit your site which is a bonus. You’ll have traffic and links.

Social marketing

The web 2.0 has certainly allowed us to get more creative with our link building strategies. Social media sites only work if you participate as an active user. You can forget to try to milk them, since this doesn’t work.

Once you have an active profile, start networking with others on the site. The more friends you make, people you touch and other sites your rate, the more your site will be rated and your content linked to, hence more back inks.

Directory submissions

These are listing sites with hundreds and thousands of links pointing to other sites within specific markets. You can submit your site for free to some directory sites and others cost a fee to get listed.

Press releases

Press releases can be an effective way to gain back inks to your site. Most people are actually scared to do this method. There is an art to write them effective for maximum effort.

But in short, they are great to get a huge flood of traffic.

Link bait

Link bait is the art of writing hot content which is picked up by thousands of people. You might have heard about the Digg effect. Site owners who have their sites hosted on a shared hosting account frequently get wiped off cyber space when Digg gives them a lovely flood of traffic. This often happens at the worst moment and all that traffic is lost since your site will be down. Nonetheless, you will still benefit from the backlinks.

Link bait articles take time, a social degree (just kidding) and a deep knowledge on how people function.

Methods that work well for link bait:

  • Tutorials
  • Controversy
  • Free give away’s
  • Contests

It’s in the balance

The best way to incorporate all these methods and others is to use them all in a balanced way. It won’t do much if you do a little bit here and then forget all about it. Go for consistency if you can.

It will build you more links.

Naturally, there are way more ideas to build links. If you have a favorite one, please let us know in the comments. Our readers will be glad you did.