The start of the year is the best time to assess the SEO strategy you have. There are certain points that you need to consider as they severely affect your rankings. These points will help you find and fix any problems before they become a problem in 2017.

Facilitate A Good User Experience

The user experience is vital to good SEO as the search engines consider this and it helps to lower your overall bounce rate. There are certain points of the experience that you need to consider. The first is the browser compatibility of your website.

It is important that your websites fit into the browser correctly because most users do not want to have to scroll horizontally to find the content they want. You also need to ensure that your website can be viewed comfortably on mobile devices. It is possible to get website themes and templates that are responsive and will adapt to the browser being used.
Invest Time In Your Content

The content on your site is very important and you need to take the time to ensure it adds value to the reader. Taking some time to think about the content and monitor the content you already have is important. All content should add something new and you should not be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone.

You should also consider looking at evergreen content. This is content that will stay relevant for a longer period of time. Evergreen content is important because it helps you rank for the keywords for longer as the search engines deem your content as still relevant.
Optimize Your Visual Content

Studies have found that more people who view websites look at the visuals before they consider the text. It is important that you optimize the visuals on your site to make them more appealing, informational and easy to share. Of course, you also need to optimize them for the search engines to ensure that they rank for your keywords.

If you have videos on the site consider a transcript that will help the search engines determine what the video is about. You should also create alt text for all images because that is what the search engines can read. All of the alt text that you use should have your keyword in it to help you rank for image searches.
Don’t Forget About Social Media

The social media aspect of your SEO strategy should not be forgotten this year. You need to ensure that you have a presence on relevant social networks and that you are utilizing all the tools available to you. Social media can help you determine what content to put onto your website and drive traffic to you.

You also need to ensure that all your information across social networks is up to date. This will help the search engines find you and will help your potential customers find you. Out of date information should be changed when you complete an audit of your social media accounts.

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