Search Engine OptimizationSEO aspiring digital marketers in the highly competitive SEO game may not get away with a set of formulas which can guarantee the top spot. For those, who are aiming at real results, things are now actually different.

Real SEO has evolved greatly, and it merely replicates the real world marketing i.e. marketing for real people. Those who are looking forward to successful SEO in 2017 can take it in such a way that almost all of their strategies bring desired results. Sadly, there’s no guarantee that everything will.

It is a safe game to stick to all the tested and proven methods like blogging, link building, social media, page optimization etc. However, to bring yourself on the top of the chart, you may have to do something more than what others are doing. It will be worth investing some additional time in your SEO efforts by considering these simple yet effective hacks.

1. Creating evergreen content

Having quality content is good, but the actual need is to offer content which is timeless. Some inputs on creating evergreen content are:

  • Content can be broken down into two categories such as:
    • Timeless content – which may remain relevant even with passage of time.
    • Sustainable content – which can be periodically updated.
  • Content should be placed somewhere that is always accessible to people.
  • The key point to be kept in mind about evergreen content is that other people should find it useful, which will attract links naturally.
  • Provided you met the previous point, share your evergreen content through social media platforms, which will in turn reach to those who are interested.

2. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

As per the latest release of New York SEO Authority SEO update, site load speed is said to dramatically affect the SEO output. A few seconds of waiting to get the page content loaded may not seem to be a big deal, but it surely has drastic effects in online marketing. Some stats are presented below:

  • Amazon identified that they lose 1% of sales for each 100 millisecond it takes for a page to load.
  • Mozilla reported that reducing about 2.2 seconds of landing page load time ended up in a 15.4% increase in conversion.

3. Don’t ignore the second largest search engine

Do leverage the power of Youtube fully to enhance your search engine visibility. Maintaining your own video channel to supplement to your site is not just what you can offer, but you can also contribute vital information to customers on how you want to them to perceive you. Some tricks are:

  • Title – Make it good and relevant, not to mention attractive.
  • Tags – Put relevant tags as long as it is appropriate to bring in more traffic.
  • Description – Short with relevant keywords.
  • Transcription – It is always ideal to put subtitles, which can smoothen the user experience.
  • Social sharing – Leverage the inherent connection of Youtube with the other sites to spread your content.


Along with the above three, you can also try out many other proven hacks too such as broken link re‑building, using schemas, usage of https:// etc. Upon carefully planning and implementing, these white-hat SEO hacks can surely bring in better results overtime and also in turn contribute to your online revenue.