Nowadays, the majority of the businesses is carried out through the internet, serves as an international market. This is why it is inevitable for business to have an advanced website that includes up-to-the-minute technology solutions with useful web development applications. There are various platforms used for designing websites such as static HTML, Python, ColdFusion, and PHP. However, as per the recent usage statistics and market share data found on, more than 81% of websites at present use PHP as a server-side scripting language. Hence, PHP platform is the right choice for building your business website and reaping profits.

Importance of PHP Development

PHP is one of the most sought-after scripting languages that is used by the lion’s share of the web developers to improve the functionality and appearance of the websites. This programming language is known for creating robust web pages that can be customized to meet the clients’ specific requirement. You will also find a huge community of PHP developers, especially in India that keeps discovering creative development solutions to foster businesses. If you do not believe in DIY approach and want a professional to develop your website, then hire PHP programmer from India. They have an abundance of expertise and experience which, if implemented for your web project can grow your business. Also, you can find cost effective as well as pro resource only in India.

What are the advantages of PHP Web Development?

  • Open Source: The latest versions of PHP are allotted under an open source license. So you can utilize all the components of the popular server-side programming language without paying any money for royalty or licensing fees. Thus, PHP supports you in creating an array of websites and web applications with least project expenditure.
  • Supported by a Vast Community: PHP is developed and upgraded by a large and active community of programmers. The community counts programmers from various regions, particularly India and with different domain authority. You can always stay associated with the active community through online blogs and forums to get solutions for new development challenges. Also, you can avoid writing extra code by getting the code snippets and libraries that are shared by the developers of the large community. For certain complex web project and customization, you can always hire PHP Programmers from India to seamlessly and successfully accomplish your website development.
  • Inbuilt Web Development Features: Just like various advanced programming languages, PHP was intended from the very beginning for dynamic web development. So it has a galore of a few powerful features that are necessary to build cutting-edge websites and web applications. For example, you can use integrated classes and functions of PHP to complete general web development tasks and operations. Moreover, you have an alternative to calling the functions and classes from anywhere in the code.
  • High Flexibility: PHP is actually designed centered on popular programming languages like C and C++. So you can read, understand and make use of the syntax of this server-side programming language without putting any extra effort or time. Plus, you have the option to write and utilize the PHP code in a number of manners. Depending on your choice, you can either combine the PHP code with various web frameworks or embed the PHP code into HTML code, or even consider implementing PHP code through a command-line interface.
  • Option to Espouse LAMP Stack: Effectuating the development and deployment of web applications with the use of the LAMP stack is always possible. The LAMP stack contains Linux, Apache Web Server, MySQL, and PHP. By blending PHP with a particular operating system, web server and database, you can develop and deploy web applications more professionally.
  • Galore of Frameworks and Libraries: With the use of PHP, you can decrease the coding time drastically by taking the benefit of a number of open source frameworks and libraries. According to the requirements of the project, you can select from several PHP frameworks that include CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, Symfony, and Phalcon. Similarly, you can also easily incorporate functionality to the web application without writing long and difficult codes and just by using common PHP libraries such as Mink, Hoa, Geocoder, Faker, Ratchet, and Requests. If you are planning to hire PHP programmers from India, ensure that he/she has a profound knowledge of all PHP frameworks and libraries to help clients develop great websites and achieve their business objectives.

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