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You have a well-established blog with more than a hundred articles. Your recent publications are always hyped. But what happens with them after a few months pass and they become part of your archives? Are your readers able to find them?

This issue has been critical for many sites that publish reviews or articles that don’t necessarily have a crucial time span. The two fundamental solutions are to either make your archives attractive (which in itself are a challenging task) or draw attention to the content in your archives that is related to the newest articles.  This is where the concepts of related posts becomes important. Thankfully there are several plugins for WordPress that can help you interlink articles in your blog (which as an added benefit is good search engine optimization as well).

Some of the well-known and reputable plugins for related posts are:  Darren’s Related Posts plugin (relies on the keywords you have used in the various articles), Sphere Related Content and Yet Another Related Posts plugin. The third one is more reputable than the others mainly because of the flexibility of algorithm customization it provides.

Yet, in this post, I would like to bring to your attention another alternative that I have been using successfully on my site for the past year – The Outbrain Widget, which combines the best features of the tree plugins listed above, while adding an additional layer of interactivity to your site by letting users rate your articles and see related content based on the rates they have been given.

Ever since installing The Outbrain Widget,   I have noted an increased interaction with the site by visitors who clicked on the image thumbnails (auto generated by the service) to discover more about the topic they are interested in. While The Outbrain Widget provides a text based recommendation as well (it recommends your articles related to the one which your visitor is reading or voting for), the thumbnail recommendations works great for blogs and sites which feature a lot of well selected graphics, as they serve as an additional teaser to the readers. Best of all, The Outbrain Widget rating and recommendations widget is completely free of charge and provides valuable statistical information about the articles your readers found most useful.

How do you showcase your archive articles? What plugging or services do you use?

Guest Post By: SkyKid is the administrator of www.theskykid.com . TheSkyKid.com is a blog that focuses on coming of age movies and young talent in music and the performing arts.