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KeywordLuv Plugin Is Gone

KeywordLuv is very useful plugin for your WordPress blog and for the longest time I have been using it to share link love to the commenters on my blog. I appreciate each and every one who took advantage of the feature and contributed to the content on my blog!

And yes, valid comments I consider a valuable content and love rewarding people for it! Link love is one of the easiest ways to reward.

But in my process of streamlining the blog I had to re-think a few features and many of you perhaps have noted that some of the features are gone completely from my blog – if you didn’t notice, than no need to worry 😎

While features are important I had to think about one thing: WordPress is a platform of CONSTANT CHANGES! One of the perhaps most frequently updates CMS systems that allows it to grow in popularity by providing latest features to the users and integrating what used to be third-party options.

I can only say Kudos to WordPress development team for that!

But it also places a burden on us – bloggers. If you become reliant on a specific feature on your blog provided by plugin – you better be sure that this plugin is well supported and will be compatible with upgrades. What is even more important – be sure those changes more or less comply with standard features and if you disable plugin – it will not break you blog or screw up the format.

And while I hate to single out anyone – great example of plugin that many were relying on – Popularity Contest and than support stopped at 2.3.*, probably because Alex got bored with it. I mean i wish I could make up better excuse but he has stated that he knew the problem and knew how to fix it (see his comments) to be compliant with latest version but we never seen that fix released. I know many work around solutions were provided by community, which proves its resilience but the core issue remains – support from developer stopped.

The issue is quite common in Open Source because code provided under GPL and is supported on Best Effort bases. Perhaps developer didn’t have time – I don’t know but what I do know: We as bloggers need to be smart about features integrated into our blogs and themes!

Sorry for the long story but I’m getting to the point.

KeywordLuv enables people provide Name is format “Name@Keywords Of Choice” and have the “Keywords Of Choice” part hyperlinked to the link of their choosing! Superb idea that shares link juice with all important chosen anchor text.

But here comes the problem, which is two fold:

  1. As a blog become popular more and more spammers come in and start abusing this feature by providing comments that do not contribute to conversation
  2. Current state of Spam Defending plugins is not 100% proof and no matter what combination I try with Akismet – I’m still left with too much moderation!

And not because plugins I use are innefective, quite the opposite! Automated Comment Spam is nearly non-existent on my blog but because Spammers Got more involved! Same issue noted by Mark Gnosh at Weblog Tools Collection is hitting me as well. I have just implemented Simple Spam Filter plugin which does a very good job in addition to Akismet in identifyign the spam and if identified – it presents re-Cuptcha option to the commenter!

And since I’m seeing ever increasing number of Comment Spam that passes ALL filters, re-Cuptcha and submitted using KeywordLuv options, in format “Spammer@Spam Keywords” that is linked to sites that sometiems go beyond offencive – I have made the decision:

KeywordLuv plugin had to go!

All previously submitted comments with links will still retain their juice passing features and provide you with benefits but:

No New Comments Will Be Approved if the commenter is Not Using Name but keywords!

I still provide the PR juice sharing using CommentLuv plugin and control DoFollow using options defined by Lucia Linky Love plugin. If this proves to be inconveniece to someone – I apologize but will not change my decision!

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41 Responses to “KeywordLuv Plugin Is Gone”

  1. John says:

    It’s a real shame KeywordLuv is gone completely understand and feel your pain of having to deal with all the comments hassles. I think it is really commendable that you put so much effort into trying to help commenters get some link juice back.
    Anyway all the effort is appreciated,
    thank you

    Johns last blog post..Baltimore Real Estate

    • TheSpot-er says:


      Thanks you for taking the time to comment – people still do get to benefit! Take your comment above – since you are more than 3 comments in – your last blog post provided via CommentLuv is a DoFollow.

  2. Chad Gardner says:

    I am completely with you on this one. You have to take the steps to maintain the quality of your blog. KeywordLuv plugin or not, I’ll keep coming back just for your valuable contributions. Thanks, Alex.

  3. Nick says:

    Although its a good idea i thought it would cause problems for some people. As with most things which have a benefit to others, they end up getting abused and understandably action has to be taken.

    Nicks last blog post..Making a Personal Injury Claim

  4. Leroy Brown says:

    It’s a real shame that spammers tend to ruin all the good stuff.. KeywordLuv is a great plugin, and I love to see sites using it. But you’re right – if moderation time is way up because of it, it simply has to go.

    Leroy Browns last blog post..2010 Acura MDX Spy Shots

  5. Dennis Edell says:

    Awesome blog here, I never took advantage of the KWL anyway.

    A little disappointed in the popularity contest though, I am about to upgrade and didn’t know it wouldn’t work.

    Dennis Edells last blog post..Important Tip: FREE Will Cost You In The Long Run – Do You Agree?

  6. Bruno Auger says:

    Well what can you say. Spam will always be a pain because people that spam think they are doing good for themselves but in the end just get black listed from everyone site.
    I always enjoy the great infomation you provide to us bloggers and help make us better bloggers

    Bruno Augers last blog post..The Milestones of the Computer

  7. Peter Aguma says:

    As someone who is new to most of this, it is refeshing to hear about the potential downside to what would appear to be a very useful plugin. As in most things in life, your time is your most valuable commodity. Once it is gone, it is gone. Invest it wisely.

    Peter Agumas last blog post..Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Back Together With Your Ex

  8. TheSpotter says:

    Thanks for feedback guys. Keep in mind –

    KeywordLuv can be an excellent plugin if your blog doesn’t have a PR over 3 (yet)!

    It became a problem for me once my pages started to rank well in Google and became more and more of an issue. Since SPAMers always target pages and posts that already have an established Page Rank (almost always) there was another way to address it – close comments on older posts and pages.

    there are plugins that will allow you to do it automatically – in my case it will not work because I’m strong believer that community contributed content (comments) in many cases at least as valuable as my own post and sometimes more. Removing an option to provide that feedback is not something I’m willing to do – so my next option was to remove the one thing that pulls the SPAMers into the commenting.

    KeywordLuv can be EXTREMELY useful for you if you don’t get too many comments on your blog! IT WILL increase participation – guaranteed!

  9. Dennis Edell says:

    I really must be a minority. It seems (human) spammers are afraid of me LOL

    Dennis Edells last blog post..My First Contest! Time To Put Your Thinking Caps On…

    • TheSpotter says:


      You are lucky minority 🙂 but here is the tip if you would like to join the club …

      1. Install KeywordLuv and CommentLuv plugins
      2. Google “keywordluv dofollow list” and “commentluv dofollow list”
      3. Visit the blogs that have created those lists and Contact the author to Get On That List
      4. Get ready to deal with SPAM.

      I never had to request but inclusion of my blog into a few of those as I was early adopter of the plugins got me enough attention, more than I wanted, at least from SPAMers. On upside to that strategy – you are guaranteed to have increased participation on your blog.


  10. Dennis Edell says:

    Oh thanks for the link, I’ll let ya know how it goes 🙂

    Dennis Edells last blog post..My First Contest! Time To Put Your Thinking Caps On…

  11. Dennis Edell says:

    I do get my fair share I suppose, I just never felt it to be too much of a pain. I learned a neat little trick also…

    If you get a decent enough comment, but you just “know” it’s a spam attempt….edit out the URL and keep the comment 😉

    Dennis Edells last blog post..My First Contest! Time To Put Your Thinking Caps On…

  12. anirban roy says:

    i dont think removing keywordluv will help u much in controlling spam.
    spammers would love to get a keyword for a backlink but they wont mind having only dofollow links 🙂

  13. steve says:

    Good for you. You've taken away a spam abuse honeypot but kept the links worthwhile.

  14. Justin says:

    I was thinking of installing this plugin today. I’m going to try it but I’ll also watch what is going on with the comments on my blog.

    Justins last blog post..How to Change the Default URL Structure in WordPress

  15. I have been using the keywordluv plugin for awhile now and love it. It does bring a little more spam but I am okay with doing a little moderating. It only takes me a few minutes and it benefits my readers a lot.