Love Blogging but need a vacation? Perhaps your blog hasn’t become the *HOTTEST* spot on the net with hundreds of bloggers begging to allow them submit content to it? Or perhaps you are just suffering from brain freeze and need a bit of time to re-evaluate your options all the while making sure you don’t lose your readers?

  • What Do You Do?
  • How Do You Find Quality Content For Your Blog?

Obviously you can use an option provided to you by WordPress to schedule a bunch of posts for the future publishing, you can get some PLR content and re-write it, you can hire someone to create content for you or…

You can install and take advantage of the options provided to your by

Guest Blogger WordPress Plugin

I love the idea so nicely implemented by this plugin. It simply allows you to search for quality content on one of the leading Article Directories ( using your designated keywords and then post them as Guest Blog Posts on your blog!

Some of the important highlights:

  1. TOS Compliant – this plugin allows you to be fully compliant with main requirement that sets – no more than 25 articles from their directory can be used on your site or blog (single domain) and it also retains all the links and properties of the links, as set in original article! Plugin simply counts and once 25 articles posted – it stops and while it does give you option to reset the counter – I don’t recommend it! You get FULLY LEGAL content, so please stay true to the “light side of force” 🙂
  2. Automated – process can be completely automated and every imported article can be set to be either in Draft or Published mode. I love automation!
  3. Quality Content – while not unique in this case, it will be a generally high quality content as people who submit to that directory do their best to keep content quality high and articles engaging to readers.

It does create a new user with same privileges as you have set under General Settings under “New User Default Role” – normally “Subscriber”. Just be aware of it so you don’t get alarmed when you see 25 new users created on your blog 🙂 If you are a mindful of security – you might want to try using a =Current User= or =admin= as article author. See image below, as plugin used on one of my Niche Blogs:


You can download Guest Blogger plugin and see more details here or simply install it from the Add New Plugin interface, just do a search for “Guest Blogger” term.

Enjoy Your Well Deserved Vacation!

…and please let me know what you think and share this post if you liked it!