One of the most common reasons we fail to succeed is the lack of appropriate prerequisites: lack of knowledge, lack of experience, lack of full information, lack of time, etc. In affiliate marketing it is most apparent when you attempt to sell a product you have never had a chance to see.

Not only do you risk to not make any sales but what is even worse – you risk to damage your reputation by recommending a product you have never seen and only base you recommendation on information provided in affiliates section or hype (an absolute no-no). But for every problem there is a solution … even though it is not perfect, it is very well implemented …

ScriptDojo created and run by Joel Comm and Dan Nickerson is about as close as you can get to all-in-one deadly combination of Affiliate Art of Profiting. I have joined the site for a few reasons, which I want to outline in this post and perhaps it will help you as well.

  1. As I have mentioned already it is all-in-one solution. A complete affiliate store filled with superb quality products and their reviews. You market one link and any sales generated from the site come to you.
  2. Only best products accepted after a through review. I know how through they are, as I had to submit my product Web 2.0 Wealth and go through the Q&A process and provide the product to Dan. This solves the issue of sourcing quality products. All the work is done for you. When you promote your link – you recommend products to which you would have probably never get access for evaluation but can still be sure of t heir quality.
  3. You can actually modify the promotional link from admin panel. ScriptDojo is managed by a brand new script, that allows you to set your URL to a very specific product within the Affiliate Store. So instead of promoting entire store – you send your customers to a product while still exposing them to other products within. A compound effect will take place. Even if you customers weren’t interested in initial product – they might find something else they like and you still get your commissions!
  4. Low cost to evaluate. Joel and Dan are so sure in quality of their offering that they are offering you to try it for just one penny. Do a test run and see if this solution fits your business style for full 30 days and pay only $0.01. Common, what else can you get for a penny these days?

Obviously this solution is not going to fit everyone’s needs or marketing style but for a very low investment it is worth a try. One thing you do want to keep in mind that ScriptDojo is based on an excellent concept of “affiliate review sites”. Concept that has worked time and time again for many Super Affiliates and now completely automated for you. No need to source the products, no need to do the work and still get the full benefits of proven to work affiliate marketing model.

And what pleases me even more – it uses WordPress and Dan has actually liked my Web 2.0 Wealth product to extent where he decided to integrate some of the techniques to their site. Visit to view my Affiliate Store and get your own for just $0.01.