If you are planning to earn from your bloggin venture (and I’m, as I believe that no effort should be wasted) you will find that it can be very hard to strike a nice balance between what brings you some cash and editorial content.

AdSense is one of the perhaps most overused sources of revenue and way too often I find sites that decide to plug in everything allowed by TOS onto their pages and as result we get legitimate blog looking like splog (SPAM blog created for AdSense revenue only). I have discovered a couple things that allow a reasonable balance and want to share at least one of them that has earned me $234.67 over the period of approximately 10 days and WITHOUT any effort on my part after placing the ad AND without annoying my readers. See the picture:


And read more of the story if this interests you …

Now, let me answer possible accusation in “photoshoped image” – It Is PhotoShop edited screenshot! I have removed all my earnings from other publishers and left only ONE that is directly related to this article, as it is not meant to be a flaunting of my earning but a proof of THIS specific method.

If you have visited my blog starting from June 20 you perhaps have noticed a blinking peeling top right corner with “Special Offer”. It is small, doesn’t interfere with content and since that date it has been used to only advertise a product that creates this effect – Peel Ads and earnings from which displayed on the image. And this effect has proven to be irresistible to at least 10 people who not only clicked it but also purchased it. And notice another important detail – 0% refunds!

Does it make you wonder why? Answer is rather simple – this new ad system that is easy to install has proven to be a great way to monetize you blog. Obviously the more traffic you have – more chances you have to earn.

Another great option I have already tested but not implemented yet – is rotation of ads using this script. With few configuration changes you can rotate multitude of ads and earn from each and everyone of them and get the full commission cut – if using ClickBank products you can expect anywhere between 50-75% commissions. Since this particular ad worked this well for me I decided to let it run a bit longer but I hope you can see the opportunities.

How hard it is to install? I would say easy to intermediate. It comes with a guide that walks you through entire process and configuration is as simple as placing appropriate graphics, specifying target URL (affiliate link) and placing it on your server. It does require a basic knowledge of using FTP and walks you through setting appropriate permissions on files and folders. But here is a great part – adding the actual ad to the site is done by simply placing javascript code into the footer.php of your blog theme and once you have it running – you can put this code on any site you have, which doesn’t even have to be on same domain! So one installation can rotate ads on multiple sites or blogs.

Everything will be done on autopilot and without your visitors leaving in disgust due to too many ads on your site! Got to have it and the Peel Ads ad no longer available on my blog (replaced)? Use this link, as I wholeheartedly recommend it and begin to [tag-tec]monetize your blog[/tag-tec]: